How to pickle bacon ?

How to pickle bacon ?
You will need:
  • Salo
  • Salt Black Pepper Bay leaf
# 1

Salo - this is one of the most popular products people.It is a great snack or addition in the form of cuts to the festive table.A method for preparing a lot of fat and everyone can choose the best for you.For fans of traditional taste perfect recipes dry salting, those who like a more acute forms of this product, which, moreover, are soft, choose fat, salted in brine.

# 2

To pickle bacon fat in a conventional manner required and curing the mixture, which consists of salt, black pepper, spices, garlic and bay leaf.Before pickle bacon should be cut into pieces of medium size, the thickness was about 2.5 cm. To salt should be in an enamel pot.Salo should rub curing mixture on all sides.

# 3

To prepare the curing mixture should be mixed with a large salt black pepper.At the bottom of container intended for salting, poured salt about 0.5 cm. Further, the pieces of fat are laid on the layer of salt, leaving a small distance betwe

en the pieces of about 0.5-1 cm. After the first layer is laid, all of the gaps is filled with saltand only after that a new layer is laid.

# 4

Just between the layers can be expanded leaves of bay leaf.Field being laid last layer of fat poured salt.Before pickling lard dry method, dishwashing, in which the whole process will occur pick cover that is slightly smaller.Once the fat is decomposed in a saucepan, cover it with a lid and put a little on her oppression.In this position, the product must be overnight.

# 5

The next day, the goods can be removed and fat mix and covered with a lid to send in the refrigerator for about 5 days.During this time, fat sometimes necessary to get out of the refrigerator and stir to prosalivalos it uniformly.After 5 days, the fat must be removed from the resulting brine and rub a mixture of peppers and garlic.The field of action, the fat is placed in bags and sent to the freezer for storage.