How to remove the bitterness in milk ?

How to remove the bitterness in milk ?
You will need:
  • information about the causes of breast bitterness
  • net fabric
  • Dry clean container
  • Sol
  • Cold water
# 1

Get rid of the bitterness in the milk is not easy,and therefore, before beginning to correct the taste of milk is determined by its origin.Milk can be fresh, fresh, having undergone pasteurization at the creamery, boiled, baked or soured.Depending on a particular treatment, there are different ways of getting rid of bitter taste in the product, or does not exist at all.

# 2

Bitterness milk is degrading enzyme milk fat.This enzyme (lipase) is not active, but begins its action during heavy stirring or shaking milk.Bitterness in the fresh milk depends on what the cow ate.Spring flowers - winter cress, wild mustard, wild radish, can cause bitterness in milk.

# 3

How to remove the bitterness in milk doubles?There is only one way - pasteurization, i.e. heating to 60-70 degrees, followed by cooling to + 5-7 degrees.At home, the pasteurization is best carried out in

a water bath.Note that if fresh milk bitter, sharp cooling it does not solve the problem.This method is good for milk with a normal taste, as prevention, but not bitterly.

# 4

bitter pasteurized milk bought in the shop, what to do?There are two options: to return the goods to the store and exchanged for another, or money back.The second option - just pour the milk spoiled.In this case, it is not subject to correction, and it is due to rancidity or violation processing technology, or violation by the implementation period.Be careful when buying milk.

# 5

If the milk will burn when boiled, and there is bitterness in milk.How do I remove it?First, in no case do not mix!Immediately pour into a clean saucepan and bring to readiness.Adding a small amount of salt, and a container of milk is cooled in cold water.Cooling is prohibited in the refrigerator!Thereafter, we filter the milk through cheesecloth repeatedly squeeze the fabric thoroughly.

# 6

procedure is repeated until the disappearance of bitterness in milk.The reason rancid sour boiled milk is bacteria: lactic acid and butyric acid.Recent transferred heat treatment, unlike the first, which causes bitterness of the product.Such milk can only pour.Therefore, do not store the boiled milk for a long time, even in the refrigerator.