How to pickle bacon in Ukrainian ?

How to pickle bacon in Ukrainian ?
You will need:
  • Fresh bacon
  • Sol
  • Black pepper
  • onion peel
  • Bay Leaf
# 1

In cooking, there are several ways of salting bacon in Ukrainian.You can use dry salting can be "wet."The selected method is different and the taste of salty bacon.In the classic recipe Ukrainian lard is prepared for salting: cut into pieces of equal size.

# 2

then into a bucket of enamelled catches a few bay leaves, rosemary, and pepper, and garlic cloves.After the fat is laid, which is sprinkled with spices.When the bucket is full, but it is filled with saline solution.A load is placed on top.But there is another way of Ukrainian as a pickle bacon.

# 3

With this method very popular onion peel.First you need to pickle bacon in a manner that is used in the dry salting.Namely: the fat you need to rub a special salt-coating mixture, which includes a salt and black pepper.

# 4

can add and a little red pepper.When rubbed with a mixture of fat should be placed in a dark cold room.In two days, you can cont

inue salting.It is necessary to boil the water to throw onion peel, bay leaf and pepper as a pea, and you can also add a teaspoon of black pepper and two garlic cloves.

# 5

In this solution, you need to boil the fat.As can be seen, this way a fat pickle Ukrainian, differs from the first method.Salo is cooked in boiling solution prepared within ten minutes.Then it should be removed from the pot and separated from onion peel.

# 6

Once purified fat, its film are wrapped in plastic or foil and placed in a refrigerator for two days.After this time, it is ready-to-eat food.However, whatever the method of salting bacon is not elected, there are some guidelines that should be followed in order not to spoil the fat.

# 7

Firstly, pickling salt is not necessary to regret.The fact that overshoot the fat is practically impossible.It absorbs just the right amount of salt.Secondly, you need to carefully approach the choice of product.Be sure to pay attention to the fat and skin of color.