How to store properly prune ?

How to store properly prune ?
You will need:
  • Banks containers
  • bags with a lock
  • Salt Water
  • a linen bags
# 1

Prunes - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.In order to be preserved longer useful properties, it is necessary to store it.Choose a container.For storage of dried fruit suitable container made of glass, wood, metal or plastic.The latter material is used as a last resort.

# 2

Mistress claim that any product that is quite a long time in such a container, has the smell of plastic.All - again, it's chemistry, so try to choose a container made of other materials.If you prefer wooden box for dried fruits, then it should be in a dry, well-ventilated, cool place.

# 3

Another way how to store prunes, is to use ordinary glass jars for this purpose.However, before you put the product inside the container must be carefully prepared.To do this, use a container wash soap, pour over boiling water and dried.Same thing with doing a covers.Cans with dried fruits can be stored either in the refrigerator or

in the cabinet.

# 4

But, keep in mind that closet as storage space is suitable only if the room is dry.If your apartment high humidity, it is better not to risk it.But the banks do not take up much space on the shelves of the refrigerator, you can use the bags with snaps, which is placed on the refrigerator door.It was there that the most optimum temperature for the storage of such products.Clasp thus, must not be closed until the end.

# 5

How to keep prunes, if it still is wet?In - First you need to wash the container itself with soap and dry.In - the second, and should be dried prunes itself.Then bring it back into the container, selecting the right place for it.good prune can also save in a linen bags.It is also very convenient, because the bags take up less space than the container and the products they "do not suffocate┬╗

# 6

Before put to prune, you need to prepare a bag.To this end, in one liter of water glass is dissolved salt, is lowered into the bags and lightly squeezed to leave as much as possible in a tissue salt.After drying, they become "stake."You can be sure that there are no worms, and other signs of improper storage, you will not see.