How to dry citrus ?

How to dry citrus ?
You will need:
  • Knife
  • Dryer
  • Oven
  • Cardboard
  • Staples
# 1

Before transgress, consider the place where drying is carried out.Prerequisites: constantly high temperatures and low humidity.This may be the top of your shelves in the kitchen (on the ceiling), or a special battery room, stacked dryers for fruit, in summer, the best option would be the attic of your house.

# 2

fastest drying cut pieces produced.To do this, select the dense to the touch, medium size, fragrant fruit.Wash and wipe them.For cutting, use a thin sharp-edged knife, then it will be easy and fast, not spilled a lot of juice and continue round shape.

# 3

After the cutting process, before being dried citrus fruits, take care of pre-prepared grid.Set it to the desired location, where the original product will dry out slowly.In the case of all the slices are practically the same as with cut pieces.

# 4

After washing the fruit, remove them from the peel, break into segments, putting them on the grill is not q

uite tightly to one another.Some people confuse bitterness remaining in the dried whole citrus lobules.To reduce it to zasushkoy boil for a few minutes to cut slices in boiling water, place them in cold water and soak 2 days, on a regular basis several times a day, changing the water.Soaked slices tightly packed into the pot, and pour hot syrup.

# 5

After 5-6 hours of a container with the contents put on fire and bring to a boil, endure 5 minutes.After, let stand 10-12 hours and repeat the boiling, and only after this sweet slices can be dried in any way you like.Another way is to dry citrus, is the use of internal room temperature.

# 6

If you have a farm with an oven to hold the low-temperature (50), you can safely send their "juicy blanks" in it.Drying in oven for just 3-4 hours.If you need to dry the sliced ​​citrus fruit with the condition of preserving their perfectly flat shape (lattice and in the oven, they become "wrinkled"), try the following.

# 7

Take two corrugated cardboard about the size 10H30 cm, awl make frequent punctures throughout cartons plane on one of them lay sliced ​​orange, a second piece of cardboard, put on top and seal it all with two paper clips.You should have something like "orange cells", it can be easily placed between the battery bay, and if you want to hang.