How to eat oysters ?

How to eat oysters ?
You will need:
  • slice of rye bread
  • Dry French wine
  • Oysters
# 1

Oysters, as one of the most popular delicacies of French cuisine, often cause some confusion and ordinarydifficulties in their use.Since then, they have become massively popular, the situation with wild oysters markedly deteriorated and the rescue came the artificial cultivation.To taste them hardly distinguishable, the main thing in this case - an exceptional freshness.

# 2

oysters eaten alive and contrary to legend, they do not squeak.Someone who likes to water them with lemon juice, and someone on the contrary believes that it spoils its natural taste.In general, all the amateur.Although some restaurants avoid embarrassing situations, they are fed to open, but how oysters eaten, it is desirable to know.Oysters are of two types: flat and deep.But the variety of their very diverse:

# 3

Belon - one of the most common varieties of flat oysters.Less salty than other varieties and thus have an unusual nutty flavor nu

ance.It is in accordance with the name of the river Belon, which caught them.Other grades are also called planar type in accordance with the data area.The most famous are the Prat al-Kum, Gravette, Maren-d`Oleron and others.

# 4

Budez - kind of deep oysters, is a delicacy.It is recommended to learn how to eat this type of oyster, and after this "love" problems during the feast will not arise.For most regular meal and maximum fun in this class shellfish must be cut into two pieces and enjoy them with a slice of rye bread and a glass of dry French wine.

# 5

Fin de Claire - this kind of oysters caught near the island of Oléron.They are special in that they contain balanced amount of juice and meat.Juice is advised to drink, without delay, directly from the shell.Kuril oyster, also known as Japanese or gigantic - especially wild shellfish Pacific.They are living, on average 17-20 years, reaches a stunningly rich taste.However, they are not easy eaten raw, so before applying them literally fry for half a minute.In size they reach more than 20 cm.