How to pickle fresh-frozen pink salmon ?

How to pickle fresh-frozen pink salmon ?
You will need:
  • Frozen salmon
  • salt, sugar, vegetable oil
  • knife for cutting
  • capacity for salting fish
# 1

Choose pink.There are criteria for the correct choice of the fish.abdomen Pink says that the fish quality, yellow means the opposite.Gills scarlet or pink also show the high quality of the fish, maroon or green - that the fish began to sour.

# 2

draw attention to the tail - it should not be withered, without fractures.Skin the fish should not be loose, in addition, not be damaged and shall adhere to the flesh.If the skin is easily separated from the fish, then the storage conditions have been violated, or an old fish.It necessarily affect the taste of salmon.

# 3

carve fish.It should not be completely defrosted.This is one of the key moments as pickle fresh-frozen pink salmon.In the district of the ridge fish should not be defrosted, it will greatly facilitate a breaker.Remove the head.If you are going to use it, remove the gills.Cut the abdomen, remove the entrails, eg

gs or milk are set aside.Wash the fish, carve a sharp knife along the spine, so that he was on one side of salmon.

# 4

Then gently remove the spine and ribs.If the ridge is removed with a knife, then you can get rid of the edges of his hands.Here is a salmon, in split into two layers.You can add salt whole layers, can also be to cut a few pieces of approximately the same - it all depends on what recipe you choose.Important: the skin with the fish do not shoot.Before salting the fish sure to wash and dry.

# 5

to tender salted fish acquired taste, semuzhny Ambassador apply.This is one of the most popular options like pickle frozen pink salmon.You need salt, sugar, and prepared carcass boneless fish.On a shelf of pink salmon must be two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon salt.Mix the components and the resulting rub the fish mixture.We shift the fish into a storage tank.

# 6

should be borne in mind that if you are going to store pickled pink salmon in this way for a long time, the tank should be added to the vegetable oil.Keep salty manner pink salmon in the refrigerator.Shelf life: no more than one month.Before serving, cut into thin plates, served with onion and vegetable oil.For decoration you can put a sprig of dill.