How to degrease cheese ?

How to degrease cheese ?
You will need:
  • skim milk
  • Enamelware
  • Lemon juice
  • Boiling
  • Gauze
# 1

Before the arrival of summer women start more often pay attention to your figure.In order to put in order the body and on the beach to show off slim figure, many go on a diet.Those people who can not or do not want to sit on a diet, may simply reduce fat intake, which will undoubtedly improve the condition of the body as a whole.

# 2

One of the products, which is very useful in such a way of life, is cheese.It is rich in various substances, which have a healing effect on the human body.Cheese is rich in amino acids, calcium and iron.Without them, the normal functioning of the human body is simply not possible.

# 3

There are many ways of telling how to make cheese at home.In order to reduce the intake of fat should eat low-fat cottage cheese.The process of its preparation is simple enough.It takes low-fat milk, which can be purchased in the store.

# 4

milk volume depends on the quantity of curd you want

.From 1 liter of milk on average would be about 200-250 grams of curd.Milk poured into an enamel bowl.Then, the milk should be squeezed lemon juice.In one liter of milk is consumed ½ lemon.In milk, seasoned with lemon juice, add the boiling water.Boiled water should be a little more than milk.

# 5

is followed by gently stir the mixture, which will start to curl, and serum will become transparent.Before degrease curd, kindly boil the water to the process of mixing it with milk, it is not just a ball of hot and boiling water.At the beginning of the process of coagulation of the milk should not wait until the flakes become very dense.In this case, the cheese will dry and grainy.

# 6

Once the clots become less transparent and acquire low density, they filtered through several layers of cheesecloth.Thus, the whey is drained, which can be used for the preparation of hash.Curd should be well cool and drain.There are other methods of preparing cheese, they can be obtained in the same calcined curd, which is used for treatment.