How to pickle salmon roe ?

How to pickle salmon roe ?
You will need:
  • capacity with an airtight lid
  • Refrigerator
  • plate, big pan
  • salt, potato
  • vinegar, sugar, onion
# 1

salmon milt (pink salmon, in particular), contrary to popular belief, are one of the most delicious and surprising treats of.Dishes made from milk, variety and surprise unexpected combinations with other products.In addition to the heat treatment, one of the methods of preparation of salmon milt is salting them.

# 2

And because cooking and fresh milk can (extracted from fishes), and frozen.My and place them in a colander, glass to all the water.Important: if you are taken to prepare the frozen milk as possible, carefully check the terms and conditions - should not be less than 10 days of freezing at minus 28 degrees.

# 3

Before pickle salmon milt is determined in view of pickling.If the choice is stopped at a dry salting, prepare sugar-salt mixture in the ratio of one to one.The weight ratio of a quantity of salt-coating composition should be at least four perce

nt of the total weight of the milk.

# 4

All mix in a comfortable boat, alone, is sealed lid, remove the in the fridge for a couple of days.Another variation of the dry salting - Milk with salted fish.Gently liberate them from the residues of giblets, a little salt and put back into the fish, grated salt.

# 5

Weekly exposure in a very strong brine (salt per liter of liquid will need 200 grams) - the form salted salmon roe.The solution is heated, then cool for him.Unlike pickling eggs, milk poured only cold brine.But they do not require pre-thawing, as salted salmon roe in a way better than it was frozen.A week later, it will be possible to conduct a tasting.

# 6

The third type involves salting roe, along with salt, vinegar uses, so the result is an appetizer marinated.One hundred grams of milk pink join with quartered chopped onion, salt (to taste), throw pepper (black, no more than five peas), pour vinegar (three percent, half cup).

# 7

All manipulations are done in the enamelled tank, which is then set (eight hours) in the fridge.Puts salted salmon roe in seledochnitsu, decorate with lemon slices and dill sprigs, and serve.