How to jerk Grayling ?

How to jerk Grayling ?
You will need:
  • Grayling
  • Plastic bags
  • Rock salt
# 1

Prepare carcasses grayling.Previously better their gut (if they are large enough, if their weight is less than 300 g - leave as is).Gutting need very carefully - otherwise you can transfer bacteria and germs from the inside of the abdominal part in the meat, the thickness of the muscle.Then it may develop a number of microorganisms that cause dangerous diseases - botulism.

# 2

fish only use the one that recently caught.It must be thoroughly rinsed from the usual for this slime product, and then rub with salt.Use necessarily with coarse salt.Prepared fish put into the prepared container.Stack must be on a "tail-to-head."Having filled the first row sprinkle some salt.What jerk grayling to get a nice reddish color?

# 3

To do this, add the salt to the usual nitrate.Proportion in the mixture is 10: 1.On top put a heavy enough burden.In field conditions, the absence of a suitable container, try the next option salting.After removal

of the viscera of fish and wash it carefully with salt and rub firmly lay a strong and durable plastic bag.

# 4

Somewhere in a cool place (much better to choose shaded places) to dig the groove.This hole should not be less than half a meter deep.Package roll with fish so that all excess air is released, and then put on the bottom of the prepared hole.Then, fill with soil or sand on top and compacted.It is better to choose for this purpose a sandy soil.

# 5

And in the first and second embodiment, the fish should be kept at least three days.Now we look at how to prepare a delicious grayling.After salting it will need to rinse.Water have to be running.In field conditions, place the fish in the net and the resulting lower load in the river.Water gradually wash salt surplus.If you are engaged in the preparation of the house - put the fish in the sink under a gentle stream of water for several hours.

# 6

After washing - dry with a clean towel or cloth, and then hang the fish by the tail.So the water through the gills and mouth will be released soon.Keep the fish from the flies.You can lubricate it for this purpose in the usual vegetable oil and pour a little into the gills of vinegar.Dry Grayling should be in a ventilated area, drying time depends on the ambient temperature, but not less than three days.