How to eat oysters ?

How to eat oysters ?
You will need:
  • Vinegar
  • Shallots
  • White dry champagne
  • Lemon juice
# 1

As the most advanced in the direction of delicacies, French classic cuisine claimswhat to eat oysters only in raw form.Check out this very simple.Opening the sink, you need to hold a knife at the base of cilia.If the oyster is alive, it will be reduced.Then you can safely eat.Otherwise, it is better to throw it, it is dangerous to consume food.If the sink is at least slightly ajar - clam is dead because "disappear" them for a few seconds.

# 2

Unfold it, starting with a sharp knife with a narrow margin.Often, especially with respect to oysters, filed open flesh eating dvuzubtsem.The recommendations on how to eat oysters, it is mentioned that it is often advised not to drink water from the sink, as if the oysters were caught immediately after the storm hit the sand with water, which may be contained in the shell, sophistication, your meal is not explicitly added.

# 3

So, in restaurants serving the oysters liv

e and chilled on ice, they often served wine vinegar, a little diluted with water and chopped shallots.Often they are served with garlic croutons, which are free taste buds to the taste of oysters, each of which is individually distinct taste, not "erased".The meal can be memorable if you know how to eat oysters.

# 4

drink with oysters ordinary Chablis or white dry champagne.Some people like to eat for oysters with a glass of cold light beer.For example, a fairly popular Mexican beer "Corona".It is tasteful lime, perfectly replaces the lemon juice as a sauce for oysters.The oyster bar serves the empty bucket to empty shells.

# 5

Since oysters are generally not a separate dish, and a snack before the main meal, it is permissible to order them exclusively only in oyster restaurant or bar.Here it is considered the norm.Since oysters served on ice, it is recommended not to order too many of them, as the ice melts much earlier than you can eat them.

# 6

As already mentioned, some restaurants serving the oysters open, but basically still decided to submit them closed.If you do not know how to open an oyster, you can read about it in advance.Oysters are found exclusively in tidal areas around the mouths of rivers.In the waters where the small amount of salt.Current opportunities in the breeding of oysters once solved many problems.Firstly, of course, their disappearance.

# 7

Secondly, once thought that oysters can be eaten only from September to April, since the summer for them is marked by the multiplication and a considerable loss of taste.Sometimes, it could even cause poisoning.So the propagation method of artificial cultivation, this problem is also solved.Oysters were and remain one of the most delicious foods.No wonder oyster sauce (oyster flesh Mashed) extremely highly regarded in the world of cooking.