Salt trout tasty and properly

Salt trout tasty and properly
You will need:
  • To cut the carcass
  • Cook salting
  • Sol
  • Sugar
  • Seasonings
# 1

trout belongs to the family of salmon fish.This fish is rich in nutrients necessary for human health - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.Getting razdelyvaniya trout.First, cut off the fins, head and tail.Then cut the carcass into pieces, preferably long.Then tear off the skin with the fish.

# 2

All this should be sprinkled on both sides of our previously prepared salting, put in a pot or enameled bowl and place in refrigerator for several hours, preferably overnight.Red fish, especially trout, has one great quality - it absorbs as much salt as necessary, do not be afraid to go too far, excess salt absorbs trout.

# 3

This recipe about how the trout with salt, especially to not waste your time and do everything as quickly as possible.Another recipe for pickled trout.First of all, perhaps, you need to prepare everything necessary for salting.Take salt, a little sugar, spices and mix it all.

Our salting should have about five tablespoons per kilo of fish.

# 4

also for a special taste, you can add the basil in the pickling or any other herbs and a little black pepper.So, ready to salting.Now known as salt tasty trout.When deciding on how to pickle trout, you can opt for the following recipe.

# 5

Cooking pickling itself, for that pour into a separate container three dessert spoons of salt, two dessert spoons of sugar and half a tablespoon of seasoning.All this is necessary to mix and coat the trout both outside and inside.Done now tightly shut trout cover, pressing it with something, put on top load.

# 6

Put the fish in the refrigerator for a day, after which you can get trout and enjoy its taste.Probably, this is the answer to the question of how to salt trout.How to pickle trout to cook tasty and delicious dish, you can use the following recipe for which we need salt, sugar, spices, brandy.

# 7

Cooking trout, remove the small bones of the fish, cut into pieces.Then rub on both sides of a trout prepared in advance with a mixture of salt, sugar and spices to taste.Then sprinkle one tea spoon of cognac and capped our capacity, is located in trout, put in the refrigerator overnight.