How to cook bacon in onion skins ?

How to cook bacon in onion skins ?
You will need:
  • Salo with layers of meat
  • Husk bulbs
  • Water
  • Spices
# 1

Salo - the most popular product, and its recipes as much asif the fat has become a cult.And this happens not only in Ukraine but also in Russia.One of the most popular methods of cooking fat - is to cook it.Make cooked rolls, simply cooked with garlic, but you can also just cook it in onion skins.Salo acquires a delicious flavor, and the taste is not much different from the cooked bacon, but flavored with different spices, the taste is not inferior smoked fat.

# 2

recipe, how to cook bacon in the husk, is very simple and does not require special ingredients.For the preparation you will need: body fat, preferably with a layer of meat, one cup of salt, husks of 7-9 bulbs, one liter of water.Of the spices you need to have: allspice - from 4 to 6 pieces, 5 or 6 cloves of garlic and bay leaf 3-4 leaf.First of all, you need to prepare a pickle.To do this, pour water in the pot and fill the salt.Now, to cook bacon in o

nion skins, you must put the pan on the heat and bring to a boil.

# 3

Once the water boils, put in the pan washed onion peel, and for approximately five minutes to boil.Now, into the boiling brine, place a piece of bacon, only it is necessary that the brine is completely covered with fat.After pickle and bacon boil, reduce the fire.Strongly boil the brine should not, and cook for about ten minutes.Cook the bacon in onion skins are not so difficult.It remains only to remove the fat from the pan, and allow to drain the brine.

# 4

Now you need to prepare a mixture of spices.To do this, you need to peel and chop the garlic, smash bay leaf, pepper and peas should be knife plane crush and mix it all.Once the fat has cooled down, you need to do it in small incisions.Now, rub spices chilled fat, so that the spices were in cuts.Thereafter, fat wrap in aluminum foil and place in the freezer until thoroughly until it solidifies.Serve fat is better with black Borodino bread.