How to pickle garlic ?

How to pickle garlic ?
You will need:
  • Garlic
  • glass Banks
  • Sol
# 1

Many have heard of this method of harvesting garlic in the winter as marinating.Marinate garlic is quite simple, the Internet has a lot of variety of recipes.But garlic can not only marinate, but salt.In general, the garlic - a very useful vegetable.And despite the fact that the taste of garlic is quite specific, the garlic - a very useful thing, and, moreover, an excellent seasoning for food that does not contain harmful substances.

# 2

But keep the garlic in the winter, especially in a city apartment, is almost impossible.However, one way to save garlic in such extreme conditions, a salting.How to pickle garlic for the winter, so it kept not only the decent appearance, but taste great?If garlic is salted by all the rules, then it can be stored, eight, or even ten months!Several ways to pickle garlic:

# 3

Take three-liter jar.Bank must be completely dry.If it's wet inside, then it should be wiped dry.In this bank, at bottom, is fill

ed plain, large salt.Then laid over the salt flaking garlic heads.Then again poured just enough salt to fill the space between the garlic cloves.Again superimposed layer of garlic cloves.

# 4

And so - until it fills the whole of the bank up to the top.Just keep in mind that the last layer must be salt (!).Bank closes the lid of the plastic and put in a dark, cool place, away from children.Correctly pickle garlic can not only "as a whole".There is another interesting but tedious method.The head of garlic cloves versed on that cleaned from the husk, washed with water.

# 5

cloves are cut into pieces, the cut should be fairly small (this is the most painstaking of this method).After you cut the garlic, it is necessary to weigh.For every one hundred grams is necessary to add three hundred grams of edible salt and mix thoroughly.Bank very tightly filled with this mixture, then covered with a plastic lid and put in the same place - a dark, cool and away from children.