How to freeze rose hips ?

How to freeze rose hips ?
You will need:
  • Rosehip
  • Water
  • Colander
  • Freezer
  • tray
# 1

Before freezing hips, they need to carefully prepare.To do this, we collect only the ripe fruit.Loop through the berries so that debris does not remain, all bad or unripe berries remove.They do not need to freeze.Otherwise, in the winter they just will not be visible, and you can accidentally make tea or syrup of bad quality, which is bad for health.

# 2

Then, after all the fruits cleaned, they should be rinsed well under running water.We spread the berries in a colander and give water to drain completely.Leave the berries as long as it takes to ensure that all the water was gone from the fruit.Otherwise, you will not freeze some berries, and a big piece of ice.

# 3

If the berries have become almost dry, take a large plate or tray, which will climb into your freezer, and there will be much more convenient.Even layer lay all the fruit on the pallet.We place them in the freezer and wait, when the fruit is fully freeze.

# 4

Once we learn how to freeze rose, Let us examine another way to freeze, but in a different form.And now, after the berries are completely froze, We reach them, and quickly pour into small plastic bags, speed is very important.Store packed rose hips should be in the freezer, without defrosting the freezer as long as you do not get him out of there.

# 5

If you follow all instructions for frozen wild rose, he does not turn into one large block of ice, and it will be very crumbly, that will give you the convenience of winter berries get as much as you need.Frosting rosehip berries can be not only in the form of a whole, but also the flesh.To do this we need to pre-peeled fruit.Take one kilogram of berries, remove all the seeds, it is important to remove hair, so do it with the utmost care.There are several ways to keep the rose, but thanks to this it will be much easier to defrost it in the winter.

# 6

Then shift the peeled fruit in a porcelain jar, fill with water, so as to cover only the top of the berries.Put the mixture into a cool place for three days strictly.Stir berries daily.If your fruit is too solid peel, boil a little before pouring water.Then they are better recycled.

# 7

three days later rose hips completely soften.You just rub them through a sieve, it is necessary to remove all the skin.Now you can lay out on comfortable we Taram and freeze.Remember, rosehips can not refreeze!All the beneficial properties disappear immediately.