How to keep the peas ?

You will need:
  • Bank
  • Fabric
  • cool place
# 1

purchasing peas, and cook it at a time, you must provide the necessary conditions for the rump storage.Any cereal exposed to infestation of pests that can happen in any home.Therefore, peas can be stored with other cereals.Pour peas in a metal or glass jar, and then on top of stretch fabric.

# 2

lid covers can not lose on this cereal all its taste.Leave peas open is also not recommended - it will settle the dust, debris and fall at random jerk at the bank, all the grits will crumble.Remove the jar in a separate cabinet for cereals.It should be placed in a dry and cool place.

# 3

But, wondering how to keep peas, do not forget that the rump to keep as far away from rodents and flying insects.And if you find that in your pantry run mouse, groats better placed elsewhere.Perhaps the rodents will not eat peas (most likely, he will not have them to taste), but it can infect all kinds of product portable diseases.

# 4

The same applies to

the flies.They can lay the larvae and eggs to carry on themselves other insects, parasites infecting cereal.Peas store apart from spices and strong-smelling products.Krupa quickly absorbs any odors, which has a negative impact on its quality and taste of dishes prepared from it.

# 5

Storage peas can be carried out in the refrigerator.If you have a small amount of peas, then place it on a shelf in a separate plastic bag.The main thing that the refrigerator had no foreign odors, and it is not stored fish.The optimum temperature for storage of peas - from 0 to -5 degrees.

# 6

If you croup is at home, try to keep it where it is not warmer than 18 degrees.Next must be strong moisture otherwise peas will rot.Keep peas can be no more than one and a half years.During this period, every two months through the rump for the presence of bugs and damaged kernels.

# 7

If you find pests, then better throw peas.And be sure to check the rest of the rump, not to remove contaminated products.Conversely, if you find yourself infected rump, close to where the pea is stored and read it and store it in another place until the parasites are not reached and the product.