Soak peas : tips

Soak peas : tips
You will need:
  • Wheatmeal
  • Water
  • capacity
  • Colander
  • Time
# 1

Once you have bought the rump and decided to cook with her soup, you need toready to prepare peas.Suit as a whole and crushed grain.But the more peas, the longer will be the process of cooking, remember that before you start cooking.So, groats iterate through, remove the stones and all the debris and then rinse.This will require a colander with small slits.It pour peas and rinse under running water for several minutes.

# 2

Periodically cereal mix to processing succumbed whole grains.If you have at hand there was no colander, you can use an ordinary pot.Just do not forget to change the water several times in it.Now about how to properly soak the peas.To do this, place the washed grits in a large container and fill with water.At this point, pay attention to the fact that the type of peas depends on the time of its soaking.

# 3

If peas divided into two parts, it is enough to soak the barley in boiling water and wait u

ntil the water cools.After that, drain the liquid and rinse the beans again.As a rule, it's enough to peas softened and swollen.Use it for soup or porridge can be immediately when cooked it is soft very quickly.If you have a whole peas, then the best option is to soak it overnight.Approximately 8-12 hours is necessary in order to prepare cooking grits.

# 4

But if there is no wait time, then you should know how to soak the peas in whole grains an hour before cooking.To do this, pour boiling grits and put on fire.A few minutes peas boil and then turn off the heat and wait until the cooling liquid.Then drain the water, dip in boiling grits again and again bring to a boil.In this soaking process pea completed.It can be used for cooking soup.

# 5

Note the turbidity of the water in which you soaked the peas.The more white color, the longer you need to prepare the rump.Turbidity of water means that there is a large amount of starch, which is necessary to try to remove, so as not to get in the cooking process viscous and unappetizing mess.Therefore, if possible, better to leave the peas in water overnight.So you will ensure not only tasty and healthy soup, but its quick preparation.