How to cook barley water for weight loss ?

How to cook barley water for weight loss ?
You will need:
  • Soak barley for three hours
  • Boil in water
# 1

Pearl barley is of great value to the person, but not the material, and vitamins.The shape of the grain may be longitudinal and circular.Barley porridge meal is considered to be an army, so many are the rump with disdain.Everyone who served in the army says military barley porridge.The milled grains are transformed into barley grits.By itself, the croup is not expensive, is available to the consumer.Pearl barley is grown in many countries around the world, it can grow in any soil.

# 2

Before cooking barley is washed thoroughly and soaked in water, soaked in some of the curdled.This is done so that it will cook.Experienced hostess to cope with such a task, how to cook barley water.On the glass of cereals consumed per liter of water.Water can add salt to taste.Food barley is quite diverse.It is possible to cook from her soup and porridge with all sorts of ingredients.It is not recommended to use the barley people who are pro

ne to be overweight and suffer from constipation.

# 3

An excellent bait for fishing is barley.Fishermen have long to follow this trick.Prepare the fish bait can be a few days before fishing, it is well preserved.An experienced fisherman knows exactly how steamed barley for fishing.For this purpose, the thermos.It poured a couple of spoonfuls of grits, pour boiling water 200 mg, two hours insist.With this bait catch is guaranteed.Ladies, carefully watching their appearance, you just need to eat barley porridge or soups.The rump contains collagen, it helps smooth wrinkles and makes the skin supple.Follow figure will barley, it removes toxins from the body, and is struggling with fat deposits.

# 4

How to cook barley tasty and quickly?Quickly cook just will not work.This is one of drawbacks among many advantages.Before cooking three o'clock you have to spend on soaking.Although the true connoisseurs of these grains say three hours is not enough, porridge is not so crumbly.Owners of modern kitchen appliances wondering how to cook barley in multivarka?The technological process is no different from the usual.You have to soak and then cook for at short time, the proportions are 1 cup of cereal per liter of water.

# 5

If your diet often include dishes made of pearl barley, there will be no problems with the nervous system, improve the condition of hair, is useful to maintain the vision and helps clean the skin.We need to know how to cook barley to maintain its vitamin supply.In Perlovka contained a large supply lizina- substance, resisting colds, viral infections, as well as the fight against microbes causing herpes.Useful even water, which soaked barley.She can handle the skin, in the case of some bacterial diseases.In other words, water has antibiotic properties.