How to cook barley in multivarka ?

How to cook barley in multivarka ?
You will need:
  • Pearl barley
  • multivarka
# 1

Modern technologies have gone so far that already prepare their own meals is not necessary.For us, it will make smart multivarka.She knows how much time to prepare for this or that product, knows a lot of recipes (soups, cereals, baked goods).By minus cooking time can be attributed.Cooking soup may take an hour or more.The list of recipes attached to multivarka for buying, you can find a way how to cook barley in multivarka.Before applying any cereal should be thoroughly washed or even go through that to the tooth did not come across any stones, sticks, hulls.If you cook multivarka, the measured glass is necessary to fill the required number of grains, and add water, put on the porridge cooking mode and wait.After cooking, add the butter, sauce, gravy.Porridge in appearance gives a very aesthetic.No wonder barley received its name from the word "gem" - the so-called pearl.

# 2

How to cook barley without Multivarki.In this process it is nece

ssary to include the step of soaking.To reduce the cooking time, usually barley soaked overnight, or for at least three hours.Besides water, which soaked pearl barley, useful.She can wipe the skin, in the case of some diseases microbicides.The use of barley is in the fact that it contains collagen, especially will like the ladies who take care of their appearance, and to those who discovers with horror on his face wrinkles.Pearl barley promotes skin elasticity.

# 3

How to cook barley water?In principle, every woman she adjusts the cooking process, someone adds spices, someone cooks exclusively from barley soups.Cook can be out of it and milk porridge.Some people are completely dismissive of the croup is likely due to the fact that it is the army barley.All the soldiers remember how they were fed barley porridge.Pearl barley groats pretty inexpensive, accessible to different segments of the population.Better not to think about the prestige and benefits of the food that we eat.

# 4

An excellent bait for fishing is barley.Fishermen have long to follow this trick.Prepare the fish bait can be a few days before fishing, it is well preserved.An experienced fisherman knows exactly how steamed barley for fishing.For this purpose, the thermos.It poured a couple of spoonfuls of grits, pour boiling water 200 mg, two hours insist.With this bait catch is guaranteed.Ladies, carefully watching their appearance, you just need to eat barley porridge or soups.The rump contains collagen, it helps smooth wrinkles and makes the skin supple.Follow figure will barley, it removes toxins from the body, and is struggling with fat deposits.

# 5

How to cook barley tasty and quickly?Quickly cook just will not work.This is one of drawbacks among many advantages.Before cooking three o'clock you have to spend on soaking.Although the true connoisseurs of these grains say three hours is not enough, porridge is not so crumbly.