How to cook oatmeal in the water ?

How to cook oatmeal in the water ?
You will need:
  • oatmeal
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water
# 1

porridge on the water is usually preferred by people leading a healthy lifestyle.Also, this porridge is useful for those suffering from gastric ulcer, gastritis.Oatmeal envelops the walls of the stomach, intestines, contributes to a better absorption of other used products.This rump there is a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, such as phosphorus and calcium, necessary for proper bone formation and development of the system;also contains iron, respectively, oatmeal helps to combat anemia.

# 2

So, how to cook porridge on the water.The cold water is poured cereal.Calculation of ratios' cereal-water "the following: 1 cup of cereal - 2.5 cups of water.To taste salt added sugar.Then put on the fire.All the cooking is necessary to stir the porridge.Since oatmeal tends to burn.

# 3

Once the porridge is almost cooked, turn off the fire and add a little oil.After that, cover the saucepan in which cooked porridge, to close, and let it

brew oatmeal.Leaving aside the question as to cook porridge with milk, you can give one piece of advice.Typically, cooked oatmeal milk more slowly than water.Therefore, oatmeal in milk can be put in the evening and the morning cooking porridge takes no more than 5-7 minutes.Unfortunately for the porridge on the water this way is not possible as the milk denser than water and cereal does not have time to swell completely.

# 4

When cooking healthy and useful product, you need to know: how to choose oatmeal.Oatmeal, flattened factory method has a slightly corrugated surface and white and gray uniform color.Get it by pressing not broken oat groats.Sometimes the higher and first grade.The croup should be brown and black specks.It is best to cook the least processed cereals, wholemeal.Since, the more work is carried out by grinding, steaming grains, the less useful features in the product.

# 5

So the question is how to cook oatmeal allowed.Of course, the taste of the porridge - an amateur.To somehow a variety of dishes in the dish, you can put fresh berries.You can add the preparation of frozen berries.they do not require pre-defrost.This not only improves the taste of cereals, but also gives it additional beneficial properties inherent data berries.For sweet lovers can also recommend add to the finished chocolate porridge or boiled rump to put three tablespoons of cocoa powder.

# 6

To summarize, it must be said that people who eat breakfast oatmeal, much healthier.Enveloping the wall of the intestine, oatmeal creates a protective barrier against harmful bacteria.Also, due to its nutritional value, oatmeal gives cheerfulness for the whole day.