How to cook a tasty garnish pearl barley ?Tasty cooking barley

How to cook a tasty garnish pearl barley ?Tasty cooking barley
You will need:
  • 2 cups pearl barley
  • 2 liters of water
  • 150 gr.butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
# 1

With pearl barley is very familiar to the male half of our country.The everyday menu dishes that no grains.And in vain!A wonderful product is very useful, but dolgovarimy.With a little practice you can learn to cook a wonderful side dish to meat dishes.By itself, the croup is very nutritious, it contains a complex of vitamins, amino acids, high in fiber.Porridge it turns out tasty and healthy.There is, however, one thing: it is necessary to cook barley for a long time to bring to full readiness.So before you take up cooking, it is necessary to know how to cook pearl barley as a garnish.

# 2

Before cooking barley should go through and rinse well with water.For the preparation of this cereal should be prepared in advance, t. To. It is soaked for a few hours.And you can put to soak in the evening until morning.Whip up not cook a delicious side dish of barley porridge!Cereal soaked in a v

ery large quantity of water.Idle all night and in the morning swell.Now it is necessary to cook: Pour clean water at the rate of a liter of water per cup of cereal - and on fire.Salt is added to taste.When cereal boil, fire decreases to a minimum and porridge cooked until until seethe until tender.

# 3

Some housewives after the water boils, put the pan in a water bath and tantalized her a few hours until tender.They are the ones who know how to cook a delicious barley!And here it is cooked and has become soft, Now it is recommended to add to mush a lot of butter - because porridge butter will not spoil!Add the butter, closed saucepan and wraps than - something warm.Let stand up, then an hour or so - will be even tastier.Side dish is almost ready.It can be served with steamed vegetables.

# 4

Even just porridge with butter - already enjoy.Barley has a special taste.But if it's a side dish, it is necessary to prepare the vegetables: chop the onion, rub the grated carrots, chopped favorite herbs, garlic.Onions and carrots fry, add the herbs, garlic.Separately, cook the meat: it can be chicken, baked in the oven or boiled meat, lightly fried in a pan.You can combine the meat with cooked vegetables and a little put out a pan.Just like preparing delicious barley porridge!

# 5

can come up with a lot of recipes, where the foundation will be garnish pearl barley.The main thing - to learn how to properly cook the grits: to the male population of the family did not call it "fraction 16" or "shrapnel".If all conditions are met and patience, you can cook a wonderful and tasty dish!