How to cook porridge baby?

How to cook porridge baby?
You will need:
  • value porridge for the body of the child
  • term introduction into the diet of porridge
  • Semolina
  • Rice porridge
  • Fruit porridge
  • Recipe oatmeal
# 1

today, in medical practice, as well as the home of great importance given to nutrition of young children.Every mother needs to know how to cook porridge baby.Oatmeal - an indispensable dish in the diet of an infant.Its value lies in the fact that the mess is fairly easy product, it is well digested and absorbed.In - Second, it is a natural product, containing in its composition of milk, sugar, vegetables or fruit, which are in place in our diet today.Porridge normalizes gastrointestinal function - intestinal tract of the child.With milk, he receives the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, iron and vitamins.Grains provide the baby with vitamin B, fiber and dietary fiber.In addition, cereal enhances immunity and rapid weight gain.

# 2

Timing the introduction of cereal in the infant's diet varies from five mont

hs and above.At this age, the child's body has already adapted to the environment.Usually porridge is introduced as foods, that is, in addition to breastfeeding.But the most the first lure doctors recommend the use of vegetable and fruit puree, a little later, porridge, and then only to meat dishes.Timing of administration do not have strict boundaries, it is necessary to take into account the condition and the child's behavior.If, for example, he always asks his chest, then this indicates that the baby eats and does not need to introduce solid foods.Lure of cereals introduced gradually, starting with very small volumes (a few teaspoons).This is to ensure that the stomach is able to adapt to a new dish.The introduction of complementary foods may also be delayed - for vaccination or disease.

# 3

Among the variety of cereals occupies a special place semolina.In everyday life, it is eaten not only children but also adults.Despite its beneficial properties, many doctors do not recommend giving her baby at such an early age.The fact is that the semolina as rye, oats contain mucopolysaccharide, which could lead to atrophy of the villi of the intestine and stomach and impair digestion.In addition to the ladle enough iron.The recipe is quite simple.Porridge can be prepared, for example, with a carrot or pumpkin.To do this, take 100 grams of purified pumpkin or half a carrot, grate, add 1 teaspoon of sugar, a little salt, water and simmer over low heat.Then pour half a cup of milk and bring to a boil and then pour a tablespoon of semolina and porridge is ready.

# 4

Rice porridge as well as semolina and is very common in children's nutrition.Preparing it is simple.The main thing to sustain a certain time.According to expert estimates, rice porridge should be cooked for about 12 minutes.Water should be one and a half times larger than rice.Preparing it with milk and add sugar and salt to taste.After cooking, cover the pan is better not to open, so it will be more crumbly and dense.It is very important that the rice porridge hypoallergenic and therefore very safe for kids food.But it is poor in minerals and vitamins, as well as its regular use may be in breach of the chair for constipation type.In view of the above, it is desirable to provide rice porridge 1 - 2 times a week, and in case of delay of the chair of the child need to take time off from her.

# 5

Many will wonder: how to cook porridge baby fruit.In fact, everything is quite simple.Undertake any fruit.At the same time in the early stages is best to use hypoallergenic fruits such as pears, apples, bananas.Then cut them into small pieces, pour a little water and cook for a few minutes.After that, get the fruit and chop them.Porridge also need to cook in the broth of the - under the fruit.You can use any grains: buckwheat, rice, oats, semolina.After cooking cereals cereal mixed with fruit, add sugar to taste, and in this form is given to the kid.Options for the preparation of such cereals are very, very much.You can use fruits and berries.This porridge is rich in all the vitamins, dietary fiber and micronutrients.

# 6

One of the most useful and valuable is oatmeal.Its value lies in the fact that it contains enough vitamins, protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron, which makes it virtually indispensable for infant nutrition.Typically it is introduced as buckwheat after weaning.Preparing as well as all the others.Many mothers now will be useful to know that now is sold ready oatmeal.They can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized departments.To prepare it a little longer than the others.Many mothers in order to facilitate the preparation of use rolled oats or crushed corn flakes.Oatmeal can give their children is already 5 - 6 months, but we must remember that it is not necessary to feed the baby every day, because it is not hypoallergenic.

# 7

Buckwheat is a leader in its valuable properties and nutritional value.It more minerals than any other cereals.Besides all this, it helps cleanse the body of toxins.Preparing it is very is important to keep the ratio of grains to the water, it should be 1: 2. It is best to cook it in a metal pan over moderate heat first and then slow.It is important that all of the liquid which is on the bottom of the pan has boiled away.if you follow all these rules, you get porridge crumbly and delicious.Introduced into the diet is the very first, since it is well absorbed by the body.Thus on the basis of the above it can be concluded that the porridge - an indispensable dish in the diet of any infant, which provides him with all the necessary materials.