How to cook oatmeal ?

How to cook oatmeal ?
You will need:
  • Hercules, milk, sugar, pot
  • Hercules, milk, honey, raisins, 2 oranges
# 1

many housewives use oatmeal to cooking oatmeal.This porridge - one of the most beneficial to health.It is sufficiently high content of vegetable protein and vegetable fat, protein and essential amino acids.In oatmeal many vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron.Oatmeal - a remarkable prevention of heart disease and a great tool for the rehabilitation of the body after a serious illness.Not many housewives know how to cook oatmeal to cereal turned on - really tasty and useful.Hercules - some varieties of oat groats, rolled oats flakes rather thick, require a longer cooking, but porridge oats turns thick and tasty.

# 2

Before cooking rolled oats, should be thoroughly washed under running water flakes.There are many recipes for oatmeal from oats, among which even the most picky gourmet will find a suitable alternative.A little time and effort - and the whole family are waiting for a variet

y of useful and tasty breakfast every day!Undoubtedly, the most rich and nutritious porridge is the one which is made from all-natural ingredients.But in order to prepare breakfast whole grain oats it takes a long time.Therefore, modern housewives often use oat flakes, from which you can cook porridge in just a few minutes.

# 3

best and most popular recipes of porridge oats: Recipe 1. Oatmeal with milk.The most familiar to us an option of porridge, and perhaps the most beloved.Oatmeal with milk is an excellent option for baby food.To prepare you need: 2 cups milk, 4 tbsp.l.oatmeal, the taste of butter, sugar and salt.Milk pour into a saucepan bring to a boil over low heat.Add salt to taste and sugar, butter, mix well.Fall asleep in a pot and cook porridge oats 5-7 minutes, stirring to prevent sticking.After removing from heat porridge, let stand, covered for at least 5 minutes.This dish is great kids and is often recommended by pediatricians as a useful and tasty baby food.Porridge cooked in this recipe, it turns out not too thick.If you want to really cook a thick porridge, you will need a greater amount of cereal.

# 4

Hercules, milk, honey, raisins, 2 oranges.This porridge for breakfast - the perfect start to the day.Aromatic, useful and colorful dish!Every mother sometimes thinks about how to surprise the kid how to cook porridge for the baby to plate remained empty, and porridge - totally eaten.To prepare you need: 2 oranges, 1 cup oats, 0.4 liters of milk, 50 g.raisins, 1 tbsp.l.honey.The method of preparation of porridge easy.After washing oranges, scalded with boiling water one, then grate the zest on a fine grater, squeeze out the juice.Another orange should be cleaned, and then divided into segments.Put in a pan grated zest and orange juice, milk, oatmeal, porridge continue to cook, stirring constantly, over low heat.

# 5

When the porridge is ready, add honey and raisins, decorate porridge small slices of orange.Despite the richness and density of the food, it is - a dietary breakfast, suitable for both who want to lose weight, and to all the people, leading a healthy lifestyle.It is important to keep the Hercules correctly.Flakes should be tightly packed, must not be allowed ingress of moisture and dampness.When choosing cereal, we must remember that the calculation of the shelf life of cereal production is carried out from the day, rather than raw materials packaging.Qualitative oatmeal should be white, may be slightly yellow or cream shade.Hercules must have a pleasant aroma of oatmeal.Dishes from Hercules wonder come in fast menu all over the world - because they are not only tasty and healthy, but also does not require the addition of animal fats when cooking.And to master the skill of cooking porridge herculean can any hostess, even without the culinary experience.