How to cook rice for a side dish ?

How to cook rice for a side dish ?
You will need:
  • Long grain rice Polished
  • Water
  • Pan
  • Sol
# 1

The first thing is to start - it is a choice of rice.On the shelves there are many varieties of it.But it should be long grain and polished for garnish.This figure will not stick together.It is better to buy rice in separate bags, becauseit is much easier and faster to cook.

# 2

Next, you must choose the pot.It is important to remember that when cooking rice swells strongly enough.Therefore utensils should be at least twice as much as I fall asleep in her portion of rice.However, too much pot, too, will not work.

# 3

After rice and pan selected, the question arises - how to cook rice?It is necessary to pour cereal with water so that it not only covers the entire quantity of rice.Water should be twice as much rice as it evaporates, and the very good figure it absorbs.

# 4

should know that rice is salted at the beginning.Moreover, it absorbs salt.Therefore, it is necessary to salt rice a little more than I would l

ike it really is.So a dish does not turn out bland or too salty.

# 5

Casserole with rice is put on the fire, all brought to a boil.After the contents of the boil, reduce the fire, but so that the water is still raged, but not splashed.At too low heat for rice will be cooked for a long time, and it happens too quickly damp inside.By the way, the main secret of how to cook rice served with crumbly - this is what you need to put it in the still cold water.

# 6

Brewed rice for about 20 minutes.Then you have to drain the remaining water, if it's the croup.And if the rice was cooked in special bags, just get it out of the water.The holes in the bag yourself get rid of fluid.This is the main convenience of tea bags.

# 7

The cooked rice add a little butter or sunflower seed oil.Then you need to let the rice stand for a while.Because of this, he will get more intense taste.Side dish of rice cooked in this way turns out crumbly and delicious.Bon Appetit!