How to cook pearl barley in a pressure cooker : Tricks of experienced hostesses

How to cook pearl barley in a pressure cooker : Tricks of experienced hostesses
You will need:
  • Barley
  • cooker
  • Water
# 1

It was once thought that eating barley soldiers, the poor and the fish carp family.Now, when the world is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, public opinion changed.This porridge is considered to be very useful, it contains fiber, polysaccharides, and a variety of vitamins and trace elements.This barley helps to improve digestion, reduce blood sugar levels, and will no doubt be useful to anyone wanting to lose weight or just to improve your health.Especially as it is easy to cook.

# 2

The first and most simple way - a pressure cooker.How to cook the barley in a pressure cooker?Previously, can be in the evening, it is desirable to soak the barley.Then it is necessary to wash again, put in a pressure cooker and cover with water in excess of the volume rump twice.Once boiling, it is necessary to pour a little water and close the pressure cooker.Very tasty porridge out, if you add the mushrooms in it.How to Cook barley with mu

shrooms?At the 2 cups of barley will need 1 liter of water, 2 carrots, 100g.mushrooms and 150 grams.bacon.Barley soaked in the evening put in a saucepan, cover with water.Bring to a boil and cook.Bacon cut into (small), fry in a pan until transparent.Put the mushrooms and simmer for 15 minutes.Peel the carrots, grate and add along with the bacon in a pressure cooker with porridge.Simmer over low heat for about an hour.

# 3

Mushrooms can be replaced by chicken, and you get a completely different meal.Before you cook the barley with chicken, it is necessary to prepare the following ingredients: 300 gr.barley, 200 g.chicken, onion, carrot.The meat cut into cubes, carrot - thin strips, and onions - shred.Sauté the onions and carrots in a pan with vegetable oil.Then add the chicken and you can taste the spices.When the meat is cooked, it is necessary to shift it in a pressure cooker and add the grits.Slightly fry and cover with water or broth (3 cm above the barley).Close and cook for about an hour.

# 4

Some housewives complain that they get enough porridge crumbly.How to cook barley loose?It's pretty simple.The secret to a few useful tips.The first tip - the rump to soak in the evening, you can use the yogurt.A second piece of advice - after cooking barley need a good wrap and leave to languish in a pressure cooker, so porridge "reach" and become more friable.

# 5

And what if, having decided to cook barley, forget it soak?How to cook barley without soaking?This will help the third advice - ignited it in the pan.How to do it?On a clean, dry frying pan pour cereal and fry it without oil, stirring all the time.Fry should be 10-15 minutes.The effect will be the same as for soaking, but it will take much less time.It should also be added that it is best to eat barley hot, as it is much tastier cooled and also better absorbed.