How to cook oatmeal in the water , how to cook oatmeal with milk ?

How to cook oatmeal in the water , how to cook oatmeal with milk ?
You will need:
  • porridge - 100g
  • water - 200 ml
  • apple or pear - 1 pc
  • raisins
  • cinnamon
  • salt, sugar
# 1

How to cook porridge on the water "Oatmeal, sir!" - these words begins the morning many English lords.But in our country, oatmeal is not so popular.Nevertheless, it is a very useful product.Due to the high content of fiber, oats is the most useful of cereals.Insoluble fiber cleanses your body of toxins, has beneficial effects on digestion as a whole.Soluble fiber controls the exchange of fat, has a tonic effect and lowers blood sugar.Oatmeal is good and the fact that for a long time satisfies hunger, which is why it is recommended to include in the diet of people who seek to lose weight.

# 2

There are a lot of different recipes on how to cook porridge.But for each of them it is very important the correct choice of oatmeal.It is best to take a whole grain, but if you want to save time, you can use oatmeal.The most useful and the most dietary porridge - on the water.For informa

tion on how to prepare porridge on the water will tell a simple recipe.So, we need: flakes of oat groats - 100 g, water - 200 ml, 1 apple or grusha- pieces, raisins, cinnamon, olive oil, salt, sugar.Boil water floor pan, add a little sugar and salt.Then gently move the oatmeal in it.Cook over low heat is recommended.When barley is ready, add a little olive oil.Next, prepare the raisins and fruit.All thoroughly wash, peel and seed.Raisins should be put in a container and pour boiling water.Apple and pear cut into small slices.After a while, raisins and other fruits mixed with cinnamon.This stuffing can be fed to the porridge, or add to it immediately.

# 3

Oatmeal is a truly unique product!It is perfect for breakfast.With each use it in food, our body gets extra energy and is enriched with vitamins.The high protein content in oatmeal promotes growth of muscle tissue, amino acids and magnesium CNS significantly improve performance.Properly cooked oatmeal on the water like both adults and children.For example, kids can make for breakfast honey porridge.For this is useful: the oatmeal - 1 cup water - 5 cups of oil - 2 tablespoons honey - 3 tsp salt to taste.Boil water, add salt, lower the oat flakes.Cook needed on low heat for about fifteen minutes.Do not forget to stir constantly.After this time, remove from heat, add the butter and honey, mix thoroughly.This recipe is quite simple and extremely relevant.

# 4

also huge popular method of cooking porridge with the addition of a variety of berries.These natural vitamins bring the maximum benefit, which is why we need as much as eating them as possible.In the summer to buy berries will not be difficult, because during the summer season they decorate the shelves of markets, orchards and forests.In winter, you can buy frozen berries.Slightly heating them in a microwave oven, they are not very different from fresh.To prepare oat - berry porridge need: oatmeal - 1 cup water - 2 cups of berries - 300 g sugar - 3 tablespoons oil - 1 tbsp.As in the previous recipe, you should boil water, pour the grits and cook until done.Then stir porridge with butter and sugar.And already before the bring to the table, add the berries: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries - at your choice.This porridge is not only useful but also very tasty!

# 5

course, porridge and you can buy, but you must admit that cooked with love, homemade oatmeal will please more than the store bought bag.On the market today are so many half-finished, and that it is difficult to count.Kashi are in great demand, especially among young people and always busy.Well, this is also a good choice.Anyway, the best lunch of chips and soda.Generally, oatmeal - this is a product that should have it all: children and adults, people suffering from stomach disease or diabetes, meat lovers and vegetarians.Porridge, undoubtedly will be enjoyed by everyone!And most importantly, it fills our body with energy, vitamins and positive emotions for the whole day!