How to cook porridge on the water : porridge in English

How to cook porridge on the water : porridge in English
You will need:
  • Oatmeal
  • Drinking water
  • spices to taste
# 1

Oatmeal - is not only delicious food product, but also useful.The composition of the variety of cereals, contains a large amount of fiber, it forms when dissolved compound beta-glucan.This carbohydrate - thermostable, so nutrients are preserved, even after prolonged cooking oatmeal.In addition, the beta-glucan - is essential for the human immune system, since its use enhances several times the body's defense against bacteria, viruses, bacillus and coccus other harmful microorganisms.Oatmeal, due to the large amount of nutrients, particularly carbohydrates - quite satisfying, that is an indispensable option for breakfast.After breakfast - the key to a successful start of the day, it should certainly be the man to gain strength for the away mental and physical work.

# 2

Oatmeal contains a number of essential vitamins for the young of the body: PP, B1, B2, E, C, B6, E, as well as some minerals and trace elements, such as phosp

horus, iron, iodine, fluorinemagnesium, calcium.This product has been tested and studied by experts in the field of nutrition for over 30 years in many countries around the world.It has been proven that the use of cereals, improves organism such factors as the body weight reduction and cleansing at constant its application, lowering cholesterol, reduced level of gastric acidity, preventing disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as normalization of the liver.This product - is simply irreplaceable for pupils and students as oatmeal, improves concentration and memory improvement.

# 3

Despite its simplicity at first glance, oatmeal can be of different types and grades.The most popular manufacturers of this type of cereal - "Hercules" and "Extra".On product packaging, generally indicated by its kind and grade.There are two main types of grains: whole grain oats and oatmeal.The difference is that oat grains have much higher utility of vitamins and minerals than oatmeal.In turn, the first kind of cereals, requires more careful preparation.So if enough flakes pour boiling water for a few minutes, the whole grains, you need to cook for about 20 minutes.This difference is explained by the fact that the flakes are pretreated with steam, whereby their structure becomes finer than the whole grain oats.Therefore, they are not required to boil the water.

# 4

cooking this cereal is fairly simple exercise, but need to know how to cook porridge on the water.If the choice fell on whole grain oats, to begin with, you need to thoroughly wash the barley in cold water.This procedure actually use a colander.Next, you need to fill the pan with water or milk, about a third of dishes and put on a plate.Moreover, cooked oatmeal in the water, will be more useful than milk.Bring to a boil the water (milk), add salt, sugar to taste, and after some time to fill the required number of grains of oats into a container.Duration boiling cereals, grains depends on the type and lasts for 5 to 30 minutes.This information is indicated on the outside of a pack of oatmeal.The finished pudding can add finely sliced ​​fruit.

# 5

Oatmeal - quite a popular product in the diet in many countries.In some regions it is prepared in different ways, given the history and culture of previous generations.For example, how to cook porridge on the water in English?Preparation of oatmeal in this region, is very different from the traditional porridge.So, to be more nutritious porridge, porridge in the British added a few extra ingredients, without which it would not be "English".The required components of oatmeal: apples, nuts, raisins, oranges, cinnamon and honey.Optionally, you can add the almonds and yogurt.The procedure for the preparation of oatmeal in English is this: finely chop the apples, oranges, nuts.

# 6

Next, add to the dry oat flakes chopped fruit, nuts, raisins and put in a cool place for several hours.Before serving, pour boiling water and give steamed.Some gourmets add cinnamon, honey and yogurt in the finished dish.Additions to the oatmeal data additions, not only gives the dish a special taste, but also helps to normalize blood pressure and improve metabolism.However, this frequent consumption of cereals in the daily diet, leads to the rapid removal of calcium and vitamin D in the body.Therefore, you need to know when to stop.Also, oatmeal is not recommended to those people who are allergic to oats or other components of oatmeal - celiac disease.