How to cook barley loose with spices ?

How to cook barley loose with spices ?
You will need:
  • pearl barley
  • water
  • stew
  • spices: salt, pepper, cumin or turmeric
  • oil
# 1

Barley porridge, orit is called in common - barley - very useful and nutritious.An interesting fact is that before it was called "royal" and prepared among the rich.Today, it enjoys a much less popular than in the old days.Rows of fans barley scarce.Especially it is not very popular with the children.But it contains a myriad of nutrients (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron) that are needed for normal growth and development of the child.

# 2

What you need to do to mess always managed?How to cook barley crumbly and delicious, not Komkova weight?It should be guided by several rules.Firstly, rump definitely need to sort and wash well, and secondly, after the porridge boils, it should pour hot salted water.Currently, cereal absorb moisture and become soft.After that, it is necessary to mix gently.This mess will crumbly and flavorful.

# 3

to dinner was delicious and hearty, look at the reci

pe, how to cook pearl barley with stewed meat.This cereal should be prepared on a griddle.Fat of corned beef lightly fry, add finely chopped onion, garlic and carrots.Pearl barley is to be prepared in advance, that is - is cooked.Boiled barley is passed on to the pan, add the meat and fry a little and leave for a while to languish under the hood.To give a more piquant taste, you can add a variety of spices such as cumin and turmeric.

# 4

The main secret of a delicious porridge is as soaked barley.Soak 10-12 hours is desirable for a long time, in no case do not need to save at this time.To make it more convenient, you can fill in the rump cold water and leave overnight.There is also a way of soaking the pearl barley in yogurt, which gives it a particularly delicate taste.

# 5

But still, how to cook properly barley that she liked the whole family?This issue is very important, because every thoughtful hostess wants to feed their families is not only delicious, but also useful.And those properties of barley is enough!This normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, and enhancing immunity, aid in weight loss.For people suffering from diabetes or allergies this mess altogether indispensable product in the diet!

# 6

knowledge about how to cook porridge Barley certainly need almost every lover of the culinary arts.Looking at history, we see that there is one right way to prepare barley porridge.I got it to us from the ancient tribes of Komi, and as already known, the main secret of it - in a soaking.Good cook should be soaked in milk for about five minutes, while not covering the pan with a lid.The next step - a steam bath.Cooking on a steam bath to be 6 hours lid closed.Cooked porridge to fill cream or butter.Thus, it is quite tasty and tender dish.To porridge especially liked the children, you can make it sweet or add dried fruit.Cooking - is an art!Cooking should be with the soul and love and then any dish, no doubt, turn out delicious.