How to cook semolina multivarka ?

How to cook semolina multivarka ?
You will need:
  • multivarka
  • Semolina
  • Sugar
  • Sol
  • Milk
  • Butter
# 1

Previously, women cooked semolina in special pots in a largefurnace that heated the whole house.The dish turned out very tasty and very helpful.Currently, this method of preparation can be done using the oven.Thus semolina and milk jar must be placed in if there pots.However, it is to guess the temperature and cooking time porridge.After the oven at all different and some of them have their own peculiarities.Unlike the latter, multivarka almost always allows you to repeat the recipe, as each model is usually identical in quality to that was released another brand.

# 2

How many participants narrate culinary forums and communities, porridge, cooked in this device stands out for its uniform texture.And she is preparing, as a rule, a few minute, allowing the housewife to quickly create a nutritious breakfast or dinner for your loved ones.The proposed recipe is perfect multivarka brands such as: "Redmond", "Panasonic",

"Philips" and "Polaris".To prepare a delicious semolina must be: - Forty grams of semolina;- Four hundred and eighty milliliters of milk;- Twenty grams of butter;- Two teaspoons of sugar;- A quarter of a teaspoon of salt.

# 3

Those who know how to cook multivarka semolina, recommend first pour semolina into the device capacity.Then it must be filled with milk, adding ten grams of oil, as well as sugar and salt.The ingredients should be mixed thoroughly with a special blade that is attached to multivarka.After it is necessary to close the lid and select program "Milk porridge" in the absence of such a mode, select "Fig."After about ten minutes, open the lid and add the remaining oil in a mess.When the dish is ready it can be served hot with jam, jam or finely chopped dried fruit.Some people prefer the latest fresh or canned.But the majority of uses semolina, without any additives.

# 4

Another way of making this seemingly ordinary, but still tasty dishes, imply the same set of products.But in this case, choose the program "Pasta", with cooking time from five to eight minutes.First poured into the vessel Multivarki milk.Then, after the beep, you should pour the semolina, salt and sugar and thoroughly mix.Next, press the button "Start" and leave the porridge to cook until the end of the selected program.When she is ready, take out and laid it on the deep skeet and added to each a small piece of butter.So semolina turns especially delicious, it agree to have even those who she never liked.

# 5

Housewives will learn how to cook porridge in multivarka, began to experiment and add during its preparation of fresh fruit, making a mess on a new exciting.In a saucepan enough one medium fruit.It should be borne in mind that not all of them fit.The most fragrant and useful could include: - an apple;- Pear;- Banana;- a pineapple.Fruits must be chopped before being added to the rest of the ingredients placed in multivarku.Instead, you can use the berries, for example: - raspberries;- Strawberries;- Blueberry;- Blueberries;- Mulberry To boil down fruits and berries, are best placed in multivarku a couple of minutes before the program is to end.

# 6

If multivarka attached to a special cup, the recipe for cream of wheat is as follows: select the program "Milk porridge," if it turns out not what was expected, it is necessary to choose the "quenching" mode.Then, the ingredients come from: - three multi-cup of milk;- A multi-glass of water;- Half of the multi-cups semolina;- Three tablespoons of sugar;- Half a teaspoon of salt;- Ten grams of butter.In a saucepan Multivarki stopped all the components that are listed in this paragraph, and then close the lid and press the button "Start".If a program has been selected "quenching" that should detect thirty minutes, because this mode involves cooking for one hour.Therefore, it is best to turn off after a specified time multivarku.

# 7

wishing to learn how to cook porridge in multivarka, for those who decided to lose weight, I would recommend to use a slightly different recipe.In particular, should be placed in a pot Multivarki following components: - three multi-cups of water;- A multi-cup of milk;- Multi-half cup semolina;- Finely chopped dried fruit.After this, select the program "Milk porridge" and press "Start".It turns out very tasty dish that does not contain fats and oils as well as sugar and salt.The sweet taste, like a pleasant aroma, it will add dried fruit.This porridge can be eaten for breakfast, dinner and even while snacking.The main thing that calorie content is beyond the scope prescribed by the chosen diet.