How to cook rice porridge babies with milk ?

How to cook rice porridge babies with milk ?
You will need:
  • grinder
  • Pan
  • Figure
  • Water
  • Butter
# 1

most common cereal for the first meal is a rice porridge.It contains a small amount of proteins, it is not very rich, and its vitamin and mineral composition.Rice porridge grudnichka administered in the diet must be from the fifth month of life.However, we must not forget that its regular use can result in a delay chair.Therefore, the first thing you must do the young mother - to consult with a pediatrician, watching your baby.Typically, doctors do advise on how to cook rice pudding babies, but in principle, nothing complicated in its preparation no.Also, the advice of a doctor needed the mothers who want to start complementary feeding baby with a so-called "purchased cereals" proposed by baby food manufacturers.

# 2

But for those who still decided to cook rice porridge first babies on their own, need the following recommendations.A very important step in the whole of the event - a careful approach to the choice for the prepar

ation of cereal products.Rice should have a uniform structure, no bugs poedennyh darkened edges from the grain should not be.Of rice necessary to go through, and then rinse thoroughly under running water.To do this, use a fine mesh.Wash the beans should be as long as the water is clear.Next, the rice should be dried up, for which it can be decomposed into a thin layer on a gauze or a clean kitchen towel.Clean dry rice should grind in a coffee grinder, because a small child is not yet able to chew on whole grain rice, even if it is very soft.

# 3

first gruel babies the best cook on the water as cooking rice porridge with milk for a child of that age to prepare pediatricians do not recommend.Children's doctors are similar in their opinion about the dangers of cow's milk for children not strong gastrointestinal tract.But, just before the actual preparation of the first in the life of the baby food, you should still pick up the dishes.It is not recommended to cook porridge in an aluminum pan.Exception - aluminum pans with non-stick coating.You can try to cook rice porridge in an enamel saucepan with a thick bottom.But the best option - stainless steel saucepan with a double bottom and the walls.It warms up the entire volume of products uniformly, and after cooking, dishes for a long time is not cool.

# 4

There is not only a recipe dishes first feeding the baby, but also the rate of product proportions.Before cooking rice porridge a child need to prepare all the ingredients in the right proportion.For infant concentration as follows: for every 100 grams of water and 1 teaspoon of rice flour.This quantity of products used for the preparation of liquid porridge.Thus, it is necessary to pour into a saucepan to 200-300 ml of cold water and immediately fall asleep, respectively, 2-3 teaspoons of milled rice.Only after that you can put the pot on the fire.In no case can not cook rice porridge for the baby using a microwave oven.Cook food to the child should be a gas or electric stove.

# 5

rice porridge on the stove can be cooked only on low heat.Thus, it is possible to avoid evaporation.You also need to continuously stir the contents of the pan.This is done, firstly, to slush not formed in the so-called lumps, so that children do not like.Secondly, with constant stirring, the likelihood that cereal foothills, is reduced to zero.During the preparation of the first in the life of the baby porridge is better to avoid adding salt and sugar, as these products are, according to experts, contribute to the premature formation of tastes excite receptors.Even if the process does not harm the cause, good for a five-month baby from salt and sugar still will not.

# 6

During cooking homemade dairy-free rice porridge for the baby can be added to the pot a small amount of butter.Approximate allowable rate for a specified amount of water and rice flour - 4-5 grams.Add it can be in a ready-made porridge, wait until it melts, then let a little porridge.If a baby has a food allergy to cow's milk, and butter consumption is contraindicated to him, you can add a few drops of vegetable oil.Of course, in infants dairy-free rice porridge may not cause much appetite, therefore, it is desirable in the process of cooking to add to it a couple of tablespoons of breast milk.Kids-bottle-can be added to the first and subsequent lures substitute for human milk - dry milk mixture.

# 7

Approximate cooking time cereal - about 25 minutes.During this time, simmered rice flour should have time to food manufacturers offer a porridge made from rice flour more fast food, but if time allows - it is better to abandon the semis.So how to cook rice porridge mother - not cook nor anyone else.To the child is not burned, it should be fed warm food.Therefore porridge should be cool.To this end, the pot should be removed from the heat.To porridge is not gelled, it can be from time to time to stir.Once it has cooled to an acceptable temperature - you can begin to feed.The first solid foods may consist of several teaspoons.After that, the baby must be familiar supplementation for him breast milk.During the day should see the reaction of the child to the first in his life and porridge.