Cornflakes : calories

Cornflakes : calories
You will need:
  • Corn flakes without additives
  • milk, kefir, yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Chicken
# 1

Nutritionists knowingly recommend eating cornflakes.This product satisfies all the requirements of a healthy diet.Counting their caloric content, it turns out that 100 grams of conventional corn flakes contains about 300 - 350 calories.Including proteins - 8 units, fats -. 1 units, carbs -. 75 units, dietary fiber -. 1 unit, water -14 units, mono / di-saccharides -.. 2 units, starch -. 70 units, ash. -1 unit.As can be seen, in this product is very low in fat.

# 2

But carbohydrates - the excess.The presence of the latter should not be scared.They belong to the category of mineral: highly digestible and provide the body with a large margin energii.Zhelatelno eat in the morning or at lunch, corn flakes, calories obtained are used up during the day, not having been deposited in the form of extra kilos.

# 3

Corn flakes can be successfully used as a means of bread.To do this, you must take the pro

duct without glaze or any additives and thoroughly crush it.Either manually (with a mortar and pestle), or by means of a blender.It can be mixed into the resulting mass is dried using a tool such spetsii.Pri preparing chicken in corn flakes.Chicken fillet lightly bounces special hammer and marinated in mayonnaise.

# 4

Separately preparing batter: egg whipped into a homogeneous mass, to add a little low-fat sour cream or cream, spices to taste.After half an hour of marinating chicken in mayonnaise, you can start frying.Every single piece must first be dipped in batter, cooked roll in breading mixture, and then into the pan.If you follow all the rules, the dish will turn out tender, juicy and very tasty.

# 5

Cornflakes for breakfast - it is, as mentioned above, a good way to stock up on strength.People who want to lose weight, it is necessary to abandon the glaze flakes.Calorie content of this product is almost twice more than usual.Flakes well with fermented milk products: yogurt, milk.They can be added to the salad: Mix of sliced ​​fruit and fill low-fat yogurt.The dish must be prepared immediately before cooking.Flakes of corn are good in and of themselves, and as part of various dishes.Anyone who cares about their health, should also include them in your diet.