How to cook buckwheat with fish ?

How to cook buckwheat with fish ?
You will need:
  • Buckwheat
  • Sol
  • Pan Fish
# 1

Buckwheat has long been an important place in the diet of many families.Useful properties of buckwheat are known to many people: it is rich in iron, which is involved in the process of hematopoiesis of the body and is an excellent prevention of anemia.Buckwheat is also the source of the body needs vitamin and mineral complexes, without which it will not be the healthy functioning of organs and systems.Buckwheat - a wonderful side dish, as well as a separate dietary dish that will fill the necessary nutrients and energy.To prepare a delicious buckwheat porridge need unground and slipped best left for filling soups.Some people still do not know how to cook buckwheat - this article will teach all the details of cooking this delicious dish.

# 2

Buckwheat is popular among housewives and even for the reason that it is prepared quickly, with perfectly combined with meat, fish, liver, vegetables.You can cook the fish as a basis, and as a garnish

to use properly cooked buckwheat - the dish will not only incredibly delicious, but also full of vitamins, proteins and minerals.Buckwheat with vegetables or fish will be the right choice for supporters of the diet, which every year becomes more and more, because the problem of obesity has recently faced a large number of able-bodied population.If dinner is scheduled buckwheat with fish, it is necessary to first get acquainted with some subtleties that must be taken into account when cooking unground, that it turned out crumbly and tenderized in moderation.

# 3

There are several variants of buckwheat cooking with fish, so each hostess chooses the more appropriate for her family.The fish for this dish you must first prepare: carcass washed well under running water, cut off the head and fins, and removed the inner contents of the abdomen.After that, the fish is placed on a cutting board and cut into fillets, in which there will be bones and skin - this is the basis for a future meal.You will need a sharp knife, with which to make an incision at the back of the fish to the backbone - the fish are now easily open into two halves.Spinal bone is removed, clean off plenochki abdomen, and then pulled out with tweezers remaining small bones, to get a clean fillet.Each half is inverted so that the inside of the fish was at the bottom of the board.

# 4

skin removed too easily - it to hook in the head and shoot toward the tail.After that, the pieces of fish fillet will need to be cut into small pieces - the best thickness of 2-3 centimeters.Now the hostess chooses exactly how to prepare the fish before you begin to cook buckwheat with fish.Pieces of fish fillet can first roll in flour and spices, and then fry until golden brown.But there are people who are prohibited for medical reasons to eat fried foods - they can be used without pre-frying fish.Pieces of fish just fit into the skillet, which will then be put previously treated unground buckwheat.Now it is necessary to clarify how boiled buckwheat that it is uniformly cooked together with fish.First, you need to go through the rump - so impurities are removed.

# 5

buckwheat When touched, it is necessary to wash out, although many recipes that do not require.But the store buckwheat, which are sold by weight, contains a lot of dust and impurities, so it is best to expose her washing.Now you need to measure out the required amount of liquid to cook the dish turned out crumbly - need two cups of broth or water in a glass of unground buckwheat.The proportions must be maintained accurately to croup not turned eventually into an incomprehensible mass.We should also focus on the proper selection of dishes, I do not stick to the porridge and steamed evenly.It couples the fluid and not as many wrong thought to be involved in the preparation of a crumbly tasty gruel.Best suited for cooking fish with buckwheat cauldron or pot, which has a thick bottom.

# 6

Buckwheat fish can be cooked in different ways: if you allow your stomach, then pieces of fish fillet rolled in flour and fried in hot oil.Then lay them in a separate bowl, and the remaining oil from frying lightly saute onions - buckwheat porridge with a sauce is incredibly tasty.Groats shift in a bowl, pour carefully measured amount of liquid, and be sure to put on a strong fire until boiling.After the water is ready, you need to put unground buckwheat buckwheat be an a sweat on the minimum fire - so it will crumbly.Water lightly add some salt, and during cooking do not need to open the cover - porridge steamed.As for the future of boiled cod dishes, ask some budding chefs?

# 7

After porridge prokipela 5 minutes, and buckwheat grain swelled in cauldron or pan fried fish leaves and onions - the whole mass is well mixed and stewed until tender.If a person can not eat fried fish, fillet pieces are put in the porridge in raw form - this should be done after the porridge boils and slightly seethe.Buckwheat porridge with fish, you can also refine the vegetable sauce: butter lightly fried onion to cream color, is added to the chopped bell pepper - all extinguished about 10 minutes ready-made vegetable mass combined with buckwheat, which is already being prepared, together with pieces of fish fillets.At the end of the cooking dish can fill your favorite spices and herbs.Buckwheat with fish prepared quickly - this dish will be a wonderful dinner for the whole family.