How to make catfish sturgeon : recipes for seasoned fishermen

How to make catfish sturgeon : recipes for seasoned fishermen
You will need:
  • carcass catfish
  • Spices
  • multivarka
# 1

How can you not love fishing?There's the sun and the water, sky and grass.Fishing for catfish - a separate category, as some specimens of this fish can reach up to 300 kg.Another advantage is the complete absence of fish scales, hence the cleaning of this fish thing pretty quickly.Surprisingly, not many people know how to make salmon catfish fishing directly.This is done very simplicity catfish fillets should be cut into portions, wash, pickle and tightly put in an enamel container, crushing the top load.A week later, salmon usable.

# 2

And how to cook catfish multivarka?- There are thousands of ways!For example, catfish in batter.Catfish fillet must be washed, chopped, salt and pepper.Prepare klyar- cup cornmeal slightly dilute with water or milk.Soak in batter portions catfish.In multivarku add vegetable oil and turn on the "baking".Catfish Fry on each side until cooked.To apply a table on a large plate, season with coarsely c

hopped parsley and sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon.

# 3

Argued that catfish is not suitable to the ear.This is not true, just not everyone knows how to cook catfish.A cooking catfish does not radically different from any other preparation of fish.For soup the most suitable size of small catfish.Fishermen know well how to cook soup of soma - the carcass of the catfish should be gut, to cut to pieces from head to remove the gills and put to boil in the fire.Add the potatoes, chopped onion rings and carrots.A few minutes before cooking add salt to taste, pepper, chopped fresh herbs.Broth apply in circles, meat and vegetables - in a separate dish.

# 4

How to pickle eggs catfish?- The eggs should be cleaned of extraneous inclusions, remove the film.Put in a bowl and mix with salt, taking into account two tablespoons of salt per 1 kg of caviar catfish.Better use of coarse salt.Just add a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, it will greatly improve the taste and the general form of caviar.Mix the eggs need lozhkoy- wood so it will remain more whole.Then lay the eggs in jars and cork tightly.Shelf life of such ikry- about a month.

# 5

Thus, the carcass of a large catfish can provide well-fed the whole family stay for weeks, or even months.Food catfish are astonishingly varied.And most importantly, catfish fillet and viscera are just a storehouse of vitamins and mineral SUBSTANCE macro elements.