How to unfreeze the liver right?

How to unfreeze the liver right?
You will need:
  • frozen liver
  • deep bowl
# 1

Modern methods allow frost to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in any product, and in the liver as well.After proper thawing liver remains elastic and is not much different from fresh.

# 2

good hostess knows that before to cook the liver in sauce for lunch, in the evening it is necessary to put on a shelf in the refrigerator, which is above the drawer for vegetables.This is the correct way.Piece is thawed in the refrigerator for about 8 hours.And what if there is no time?There are other methods of defrosting.

# 3

How to unfreeze the liver quickly?It is necessary to put a piece of liver in a bowl and let stand on the desktop cuisine hour or hour and a half, covering linen napkin.It can be defrosted in a microwave oven.But this method is suitable for those who have extensive experience in the use of its microwave ovens, and who will be able to select the correct mode.

# 4

Before stew chicken liver, you may need to quickly unf

reeze it.To do this, put on gloves, put the liver in a bowl and washed under running water, separating the fingers into separate parts.You can not lead to a complete defrosting.During frying pan on it quickly thawed completely, and the taste of food being prepared, it will not change.It is important to split a frozen lump in pieces, cleaned of veins and wash.

# 5

Before cook beef liver a child, it does not need to be defrosted, because for this purpose it is necessary to buy the freshest liver and without delay to the preparation of dishes.Children - is the main gourmet on the planet.They can treat a variety of dishes from this product.Cutlets from the liver or liver pate baskets and interesting cake decorated with hepatic cause a storm of enthusiasm among the young palates.

# 6

To make all this abundance is necessary to know how to boil the liver, because when you create these delicacies used minced boiled liver.Brewed beef liver for long - about 20 minutes Except it in a pan with boiling water put the onion, carrot, parsley root and celery.Salted shortly before the end of cooking - so the liver will retain juiciness.

# 7

liver - this is a wonderful utility of its product.Any of its kind - beef, pork, chicken, goose - allows you to enrich the diet with tasty and easy to prepare meals.