How to freeze parsley and keep vitamins?

How to freeze parsley and keep vitamins?
You will need:
  • Parsley
  • Seeds
  • Soil
# 1

So what is this useful herbs?It is believed that parsley is a very powerful aphrodisiac, it is able to improve a person's sex life.This magical herbs to help cope and not with such problems.Masks with the parsley is very effective for skin care.In order to save all the useful properties of parsley as well as its wonderful flavor, there is a great way - it's freezing.There are several options how to freeze parsley.First you need to prepare a frozen parsley, greens thoroughly washed and dried.

# 2

Types zamorozkiZamorozka parsley bundles.This type is the easiest way to freeze.If freeze parsley with cuttings in the winter they can be used for preparation of various broths.This is a very tasty and healthy.The most interesting way is frozen chopped parsley.To do this you need a good wash, dry and chop the parsley.Then it was simply wrapped in a bag or foil and place in the freezer.Very many housewives like this method frozen as ice cubes.To start t

he greens thoroughly washed and cut, and then it spread in the form of ice, fill with purified water, and clean the freezer.Also, the hosts would be interesting to know how to plant the parsley at home.

# 3

Now there is no problem to grow herbs at home.In any specialty store you can buy the seeds of parsley.The most relevant "house" for a green plastic or wooden pots.It is very important for plants to direct sunlight, foliage may die without proper light.Gardeners recommend to put the plant on the balcony and veranda, and on a well-lit window sill.Choose a primer for parsley to help sellers in the store.Many are wondering how to plant parsley seeds.

# 4

So how to grow parsley yourself?It is recommended before sowing the seeds put in a lot of water.A few hours before sowing the seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.The pots must be small outlet openings the excess water.Deepen seeds in the ground must not more than one centimeter.And experienced gardeners know how to quickly grow parsley.

# 5

Now you need to remove the seedlings in a dark place and watered daily.As soon as the shoots will be visible it must immediately move into the sun.After a month and a half the parsley is ready for use.It is not recommended to use in food for people who have stomach problems.There are many useful properties of parsley to help cope with a number of human diseases.Now we know how to plant parsley on the windowsill.

# 6

parsley growing in the home is a relevant option.Now everyone at the table will be tasty and healthy herbs.parsley Cultivation does not take a lot of time and effort spent only half an hour of time you will provide yourself vitamins for the entire year.Home parsley is an environmentally friendly contains large amounts of vitamin C.