How to make clarified butter in a water bath ?

How to make clarified butter in a water bath ?
You will need:
  • Butter - 1 kg
  • Pan
  • Glass jar
  • Clay pot
# 1

Butter is one of the oldest products are used by mankindsince when it became breeding dairy cattle.With all its advantages, it does have one major drawback - the small shelf life.In ancient times, people did not have refrigeration, as do stocks of animal fats in the form of oil was needed.Therefore, man has invented a method for processing of butter as peretaplivanie, and the product obtained as a result of this process, called ghee.Along with the fact that this product has gained increased shelf life, nutritional value from it has not changed much, because in the melted butter is a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

# 2

need to purchase natural butter ghee for cooking.It is natural that, unfortunately, do more and more difficult with each passing year.Other producers are not abiding by the fact that in the butter add other fats of animal and plant origin, which can significantly reduce their

operating costs, but it will remain traditionally high price of butter.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the oil is guaranteed conscientious manufacturer or buy from people who grow their own dairy cattle and engaged in the production of butter.Fortunately, these people are still there and it is better to establish good contact with them to buy the products of assured quality.

# 3

There are many ways of cooking ghee, some of them are used on an industrial scale, others are used in the kitchens.What a way to choose the house depends on many factors: the availability of the necessary tools or devices, the skills of the home cook.Therefore, the purpose of this article to describe the process of how to make ghee, which can be implemented in any kitchen.In the preparation of this product is important to keep a stable thermal conditions that will gently hold peretaplivaniya process in which will not "burn" the proteins that make up the butter.Our ancestors carried it with the help of Russian stoves, but in the present conditions it is not available for the majority, so it is worth considering what can be done for each house.

# 4

Water bath has many advantages.The first advantage is that it is easy to implement, while the second advantage is that with this method, the heat treatment temperature is retained stable mode.From school physics course to all housewives and householders aware that when boiling water, its temperature is maintained at about 100 degrees Celsius.Moreover, the intensity of boiling does not affect the temperature.These unique physical properties just a sin not to use, so it invented the so-called "water bath".In addition to temperature stability, water bath provides uniform heating of all the vessel on all sides, which is placed in boiling water.

# 5

Considering all features and benefits of the water bath as described above, any smart consumer and home cook already decided in this matter, how to make ghee.For the preparation of the product to be treasured cut previously purchased natural butter into small pieces and put them in a glass jar, which must be put into a large pot with water.On the stove, lit the fire and the water is brought to a boil.Once boiling, reduce the heat to such a level that would have been boiling is not rapid, and easy to maintain.Of course, that will happen in a jar Melting butter, but this is not enough, because it is necessary in such a state oil hold for at least 2 hours.Oil exfoliate on a white precipitate and yellow core.

# 6

during melting on the surface of oil can form foam, which must be removed and disposed of without a regret.After the specified time has passed (at least 2 hours), a jar of oil can be gently remove from pan using gloves or Drag and pour the contents into a yellow-trained, pre-washed and dried clay pot.Further, the oil should be allowed to cool naturally, while it acquires a unique color, taste and density.Keep it possible even at room temperature for several months, and provided a cool place storage times increase many times.

# 7

If a wise home cooks to put the problem of something frying in oil, without fear, because it will burn, then the choice will be made clear in favor of ghee.The more that science, how to make ghee, already successfully mastered.