How to make liver cake : recipe

You will need:
  • Chicken liver
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vegetables
# 1

Before you make liver cake recipe should be carefully studied.It is presented in this article in the first place will be announced on the ingredients that are required for the preparation of this original dish.They are as follows: 100 ml of milk, 400 grams of chicken liver, 2 eggs, 60 grams of flour, three carrots, an onion, a little oil for frying, three cloves of garlic, salt, 200 grams of mayonnaise, fresh parsley and dill - to taste.You should also immediately prepare all the necessary tools - a knife, cutting board, plate, bowl, pan, foil, sieve, whisk, blender, wooden spatula, spadefoot.

# 2

So, before doing liver cake should be cut and clean ingredients.You should begin with a bow.First, it should be removed from the husks and rinse thoroughly under water.Further undertakes cutting board with a knife and cut the onion into half rings, and then shifted to a clean plate.Then you can take up the carrots.First of all it is n

ecessary to peel.Then you need to wash the root under running water.Then you must take a grater and grate the carrots, after which it is required to shift the plate.Now you need to put on the fire pan and pour a little oil into it.As soon as it warms up, it is necessary to pour the onion, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto half rings.Fry it needs to simmer.This must be done within 8 minutes.It is important that the onion has acquired a golden color.

# 3

Then you need to pour the pan carrots and carefully move it to the onions.It is important to fry it all up until chopped root is tender.Once it is such, turn off the carrot-onion stuffing and shift it to the plate.Then should start cutting chicken liver.It needs to be passed on to the board and clean of connective tissue and fat.After that required liver cut into small pieces.It is important then they are thoroughly rinsed under running water, and then shift into a sieve.This is required to ensure that all excess liquid glass with chopped ingredient.Next, you need to shift the pieces of liver in a blender and pour the milk to the same.All this is covered by a lid and then milled at low speed.As a result of this it will turn the liquid mass, which should be poured into a bowl.

# 4

Now we need to break eggs.This can be done with a knife.Eggs should drive in a bowl, which is a mixture of chicken liver and milk.Then, using a whisk they need to move carefully.It is important to obtain a homogeneous consistency.Once this is achieved, it is necessary to pour into it two tablespoons of oil, and put a little salt.All this once again a good peremaschivaetsya hand whisk.Then you can begin to add flour to finished weight.This should be done gradually and it is important to stir it constantly to prevent the formation of lumps.The consistency of this mixture should not be thick.We need to do it like pancakes.In that case it will still thickish, then it should be added a little milk.

# 5

Continuing the theme of how to make a cake can not fail to highlight this important step, like cooking cakes.They are baked in a frying pan.Therefore, the first thing it needs to be put on a strong fire and heat it a little vegetable oil.Next, using a ladle, you need to dial slurry of chicken liver and pour into the pan.It is important to distribute it evenly across the tank.It is recommended to make a circular turning pans.It is necessary to fry the liver cake first with one hand.This should be done within five minutes.It is required to have a golden color.Then, using a wooden spatula, flip the cake should be on the other side and fry it again.Thus, you need to cook the entire liver mixture.Ready-made cakes should be spread on each other on a plate.

# 6

Now we need to start preparing filling.First laid out in a bowl the mayonnaise.After that, you need to take a chopping board and clear her garlic cloves.Then they need to be using spadefoot grind over the plate, which is laid out mayonnaise.Then here you want to add a little salt, and then carefully move all.By doing this, you should start preparing greens.To do this, you need to take dill and parsley, and then wash it all under water.Next, they need to be expanded on a towel and dry the moisture.After that, it is possible shredding herbs into small pieces and pour them into a bowl with mayonnaise dressing.

# 7

Now you can create the cake.To do this, you need to take a wide dish and put on him a liver cake.Then using a spoon, should be put mayonnaise and dressing with herbs liver.It must be uniformly distributed throughout the skin surface.Then on top of it you want to publish part of the carrot-onion stuffing.It should also be evenly distributed.Next, in the same sequence smeared and other cakes.As a result, should get a high cake.His side will certainly need to smear mayonnaise and garlic dressing.It is important to give the finished cake infusions.Therefore, it should cover the top foil and put into the fridge for 2-3 hours.During this time the cakes have time to thoroughly soak, become soft and mushy.In addition, the dish will be more fragrant.

# 8

Serve liver cake is necessary after cooling.You must first cut it into equal pieces.This dish can be decorated on top with sprigs of greenery.In addition, it will be his actual sprinkling grated boiled egg yolk or decorating small pieces of tomato.To make this cake is not tired, it is possible to vary the stuffing.To do this, it is possible to add the mushrooms.They should act as a third layer to the stuffing.He is not in any way spoil the taste of a dish, on the contrary, it will make it even more intense and spicy.The dough can be added not only chicken liver, but also duck.It will make a crumbly shortcakes.