How to cook the stew at home?

How to cook the stew at home?
You will need:
  • Beef fillet - 2.5-3 kg
  • Salt Pepper Bay leaf
  • Jars with lids for conservation
  • Lard - 0.5 kg
# 1

The best way to enjoy a good meat stew - is to cook it yourself.Therefore, the information on how to cook the stew at home, will be useful to anyone who wants to save money and to make preparations for the winter.Preparation of canned meat more justified when there is a mass slaughter of animals, or have the opportunity to purchase a large amount of meat at a low price.Stew can be prepared completely from any kind of meat: pork, beef, poultry, lamb.If there is a large meat hunting trophy, then it too often in the form of canned corned beef.In this case, the proposed cooking stew of beef, as one of the most common types.Plus stew of beef in the fact that it is suitable for virtually all use, even "sitting" on a diet.

# 2

to start realization recipe how to make stew at home, you need to buy meat.For the preparation of high-quality canned required 2,5-3 kg of pulp without

bones and veins with a small amount.A small amount of fat is quite admissible.Meat should only buy fresh.From the thawed meat will not work this stew.After buying the meat must be cleaned of dirt and rinse under running water.After washing, it should definitely dry kitchen towel.Then it is cut into cubes about the same size -. 2-3 cm in a large bowl or basin laid meat and salt added at the rate of 1 tablespoon per kilo of meat.At this stage add a small amount of black pepper.All need to mix and leave for 30-40 minutes.

# 3

Step by step is embodied in the life of useful knowledge, how to cook stew at home.While prosalivaetsya meat can be prepared jars for preservation.This requires carefully wash cans and lids.After they were washed, they can be sterilized by steam.To do this takes a lot of pot, it is filled with water and put on fire.Once the water boils, the lid on the pan is opened and placed on top of a metal screen or grate.On top of the grate is placed a bank (or more, if space permits) upside down.Hot steam passing into the banks, it reliably sterilize.After the condensate drops will flow back into the pot, you can be sure that the bank sterilized.Finished bank needs to put upside down on a clean towel the pressed.

# 4

Meanwhile the meat is enough to pickle and can be laid.Prior to this, at the bottom of each of the banks need to put a bay leaf and 3-4 pea black pepper.Then, clean your hands "packed" meat.We must do as much as possible close to the level of 2-3 cm from the edge of the jar.When stacking should alternate fatty slices with low-fat.In a separate jar fits finely chopped bacon without skin.The next step - the most important, you need to make stew right in jars.For this there are two ways.Quenching is performed in the oven and in the tank a water bath.Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.In the oven - it is easier, and in a water bath is better, as is the uniform heating of the content on all sides, which affects the quality the better.

# 5

best if the arsenal of home cooks have a special capacity for making domestic preparations.At the bottom of the vessel there is always a special reshetochka that separates the bottom of the tank from the bottom of the can.But if there is no such, it does not matter, you can do with improvised means.At the bottom of a large saucepan put waffle kitchen towel, folded in half.Then, it is pressed jars with meat.Jars should not touch each other and the walls of the vessel.Next poured cold water, which should not be up to the neck of the cans of 3-4 cm. Of the neck should wrap foil food and make a small hole at the top.Then turn on stove and water gently brought to a boil.After boiling is necessary to reduce the heat so that the water barely Ellen boiled.When boiling should only add hot water!

# 6

In this mode, a slow boil stew should be kept for 4-5 hours.This meat significantly Uvarov, so from one sterile jar with a spoon add the meat to all the rest, and from jars with lard fill all of the other layer of melted pork fat - a good preservative.After that, you can roll up the jars with stewed meat pre-sterilized caps.After seaming, check for leaks and place upside down into the warm blankets.After a day of this infusion, the stew can be sent to storage in a cool place.In this state it can stored for several years.Main storage conditions - temperature constancy.Thus, performing a set of simple guidelines, you can learn how to make a stew at home.