How to fry the pancakes on the water : a recipe

How to fry the pancakes on the water : a recipe
You will need:
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Sol
  • Vegetable oil
# 1

In Russia, there are few people who would be absolutely indifferentto pancakes, and even more so - treated them with open hostility.This dish options which exist in many nations of the world, however, can be considered a true Russian dish.In any case, it is in the interpretation, which are accustomed to see them Russian citizens: thin, large diameter oil and / or any stuffing - meat, fish, vegetables or herbs, fruit, honey, etc. Love for pancakes..It originated back in ancient times, before the baptism of Russia.That there remained a tradition to arrange seeing fierce winter and celebrate the arrival of spring - Pancake.It has two of the most notable moment - the burning of effigies and eating pancakes (usually with the "Russian" filler - caviar).

# 2

for ancient Slavs the dough is symbolized one of their deities - sun.It is a bright light that carries the earth energy and fertility, had power to banish the cold and

the cold and make the nature revive, reborn for a new round of the life cycle.However, now these archaic values ‚Äč‚Äčthoroughly almost forgotten, however, a strong love for one of the main symbols of Carnival remained.And eat dish made of people are ready to not only in early spring, but also throughout the year, the mood.One of the nicest things in the world - the whole family to gather around the table and take a large dishes lovingly prepared by the hostess - her mother or grandmother - pancakes, putting them in any stuffing that just will like.Especially popular as that of honey or condensed milk.

# 3

In most cases, the dough for pancakes prepared on the basis of milk or yogurt - so it leaves more delicious.However, it does not always work out that way.For example, we now have a growing number of people there is an allergy to any dairy products.In addition, there are many compatriots, for whom the Orthodox tradition, including positions - not just a tribute to the ancestors, and the style of his own life.Is it wise to give up your favorite foods when it like?No, there is a better solution - is how to cook pancakes on water.This recipe, in addition to the above categories, it is very useful to those who want to taste this dish, and in the refrigerator, as trouble, did not have any milk or yogurt or other dairy products.

# 4

Before you fry the pancakes on the water, it is necessary, of course, prepare the dough for them.To do this in a large bowl (preferably - enamel or plastic) should break one egg, add a pinch of salt, one item.l.sugar and about 200 milliliters of water.All thoroughly whip - a whisk or mixer - until a homogeneous mass.Next to this mixture necessary to add about 130-160 grams (one glass) of wheat flour, which it is desirable to sift through a sieve with fine mesh.Mix the mass must be very careful to avoid such an unpleasant moment when the formation of lumps.In almost ready to pour the batter does not hurt a little vegetable oil - to during frying products from it will not stick to the pan.

# 5

For those who do not eat eggs, can be useful to other recipe: Mix half a liter of any mineral water (preferably "Borjomi"), three teaspoons of sugar, one - salt, oil and flour - so muchthat on density mass was similar to sour cream.Prepare the dish can be in crepe maker.However, if such a device is not at home, it fits the traditional way - fry in a pan.It should be remembered that it should be very good heat the vegetable oil and grease (eg with a brush).Poured into the pan of the test bit, turning it so that it is spread out over the entire surface.When podpechetsya pancake on the one hand, it must turn the spatula.Those who are not fasting, can lubricate the finished products butter, putting them one pile to another.The dish is ready!