Housekeeping tip : how to quickly defrost the dough

Housekeeping tip : how to quickly defrost the dough
You will need:
  • frozen dough
  • microwave
  • warm water
# 1

delicious pastries like everyone - both adults and children, it is a well known fact.But not all women have the time to mess with the preparation of test and they prefer to buy ready-made frozen pastry shops.Purchasing frozen dough, you first need to make sure of its quality.It is necessary to pay attention to the conditions in which the product is stored and the extent of its freezing.Storage of frozen dough temperature should be no lower than -18 degrees.The main features of a quality product - smooth surface and sufficient hardness, that is, the dough should be soft.If there are any bubbles or bumps on the surface of the frozen dough, it means that the dough has been previously thawed and frozen again.To avoid poisoning, such a product should not buy.

# 2

should always remember one simple rule - the dough is very capricious thing, so it should be defrosted very careful not to throw away spoiled food in the aftermath.There are

several simple ways how to quickly defrost the dough, which will be useful every hostess.The best and most acceptable way to defrost the dough - a natural way.To this must be put on the dough in a refrigerator for 10-12 hours on the bottom shelf, where it is gradually defrosted.This method is certainly the longest time, but the most reliable.In this defrosting dough will retain all its flavor.The same applies to the natural defrost defrost at room temperature.It takes about 5 hours.The dough should just put on the kitchen table and cover with a clean towel.

# 3

Fast enough to defrost the dough can with warm water.To do this, place the dough in a plastic bag, and package edge tightly tied to there not exposed to water.In a bowl pour hot water (not boiling) and omit it from the test package.As the dough defrost water is cool, so it should be changed several times.Another fairly simple and fast way to defrost a dough - put it in the bag, wrap a towel on top and put the lid on the pot boiling.It is important to remember that the water in the pan should barely simmer and the dough should be turned periodically to defrost it evenly.It is possible to use the defrost water bath, but this method is not good enough, because the dough may stick to the bottom of the container and will be hopelessly spoiled.

# 4

can put the dough into the pan and place near the gas burners are included.In this case, you need to constantly rotate the pan so the batter does not speckle If you want to defrost the dough very quickly, use a microwave oven.For a defrosting only two minutes.Virtually every microwave has a defrost mode.If not, you can use 80 watts.In this case, after the first minute of thawing should invert the dough, to avoid overheating, in which the dough is covered with a crust, and then it will have to be discarded.But we should not be defrosted in a microwave oven puff pastry.It is very easy to spoil.Puff pastry is good because it defrosts faster yeast.To defrost the puff pastry at room temperature need only 2 hours.

# 5

methods Defrost the puff pastry is almost no different from the ways of thawing the yeast.Except, of course, defrosting in a microwave oven.This method is suitable only for very experienced housewives, who have often had to deal with in such a way defrost.All other methods can be safely used.Many housewives are thawed puff pastry on the battery, wrapped his towel beforehand, it only takes half an hour.But at the same time, we should not pull the dough from the package and wait until its full defrosting, not to accidentally break at deployment.It should be noted that if the puff pastry is rolled out and not very brittle, so much in his store frozen, that is not observed temperature mode.Therefore, you should buy the puff pastry in another store.

# 6

The most important rule of working with frozen dough - do not freeze it again!This will lead to the fact that the dough will have dropped.When re-freezing the dough loses its properties and qualities and becomes unfit for consumption.Therefore, you should think in advance how much you will need to bake the dough and cut the desired piece.And another important point.When working with the test avoid drafts in the room, as the dough will be bad "fit".Also drafts contribute to the formation on the surface of a dense crust dough.Therefore, from this delicious dough and baking quality will not work.Do not store defrosted dough for too long - it acquires an unpleasant taste.

# 7

Using the above tips, you can defrost the dough quickly, but it must be remembered that the method of defrosting depends on the dough quality, so it is best to use the method of natural defrosting and not to use such methods for defrosting, as the hot water and the more microwave.Every housewife knows that there is nothing tastier dough prepared with their own hands, which is made of high-quality products.But if I had to use ready-made frozen dough should think about defrosting in advance to get a tasty pastries and fragrant.After all, for every woman it is very important that the dishes prepared by her household ate with appetite and pleasure