How to smoke fish in the country ?

How to smoke fish in the country ?
You will need:
  • fish with thick scales
  • Barbecue
  • Smokehouse
  • Firewood alder or fruit trees
# 1

Smoked fish - often delicacy, which must be purchased in the storegreatly overpaying for a pleasant "smoky" flavor.At the same time, to pay for finished goods, which is smoked in unknown conditions and, very likely, not on the wood - not a good prospect.Especially since the fish quite difficult to cook right at his dacha, having the ability to completely control the process and select the recipe yourself.

# 2

Before smoke fish in the country, is to deal with the necessary equipment.Need a smoker - it is usually sold separately, but can often be packaged with expensive grills.Smokehouse, if necessary, can be replaced by a conventional galvanized bucket.Also need a grill, it can replace the fire, surrounded by stone and grill.And finally - wood or sawdust for smoking.

# 3

Knowing how to cook the fish for smoking, and what to take wood for the same purpose, you can always achieve excell

ent final results.The fish can be purchased to take - is best suited to the kind of thick scales, like sea bass or walleye, but also great and personally caught fish - carp, perch, especially catfish.Firewood for smoking need not tarry too - alder, mountain ash, fruit trees, anything that gives more smoke.Before smoking, the fish must be prosolit (eg, with sea salt in a solution of one to four), then hold it in the air for half an hour before smoking.

# 4

Prepare smoked fish is not as long and hard as you cook dried fish.Sam smoked the process is sufficiently simple.At the bottom of the smoker laid sawdust or equal length fresh or dry twigs of the trees mentioned above.Then, in one or more arrays of rows (number of fish) laid themselves seafood or river.Smokehouse is closed and placed on the fire barbecue.Soon from the smokehouse begins to throw smoke - is a process of cooking fish.The processing time - from forty minutes to three hours for the power of fire and the amount of fish.

# 5

Store smoked fish is not so easy, how to store dried fish.If the latter may be stored at the correct cooking almost years, the first has a fairly limited shelf life, and it is better to use smoked fish with beer on the same day, when she was removed from the smokehouse.Before the smoke fish smoked, should pay attention to a few simple secrets of taste.Instead of salting, the fish can marinate - in white wine, lemon juice and soy sauce.Also, to improve the taste, or otherwise to the alder sawdust (or twigs), you can add a sprig of juniper, fragrant grasses, heather.