How to eat honey in the comb ?

How to eat honey in the comb ?
You will need:
  • Comb honey
  • Rye bread
  • Milk
  • Walnuts
  • Berries
# 1

On the beneficial properties of honey cell known in ancient times.Honey comb was considered worthy of an expensive gift, this product took the tribute paid dues.In folk medicine, honey was treated cellular allergy and almost all diseases.It is known that in some countries, especially to sit down acacia trees, heather fields to collect special healing honey.In our country is famous for buckwheat honey.Comb honey is not candy, in rare cases, it settles a bit.Wax and lids should be light, blackened and brown cells suggests that this wax hurts the bees.Honey in the comb - a natural product, which is composed of biologically active substances that produce plants and bees.On the cells, the walls of cells in honey contains pollen, preventing the aging process.

# 2

The cell has a honey propolis known as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-fungal agent.This product normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, prevents tooth

decay, improves the immune system, cardiovascular system heals, heals stomach ulcers and gynecological diseases.Avicenna prescribed to treat intestinal ulcers eat daily for ten grains of wax the size of a grain of millet.Wax contains between five and ten percent of propolis.Comb honey - a natural antibiotic, it is perfectly removes toxins, heals purulent tonsillitis.After chewing honeycomb oral putrefaction bacteria die, the breath becomes clean and fresh.Honey comb, because of its valuable properties, is much more expensive than ordinary honey.

# 3

Comb honey is diluted with boiled water and bury her eyes with cataract.To learn how to eat honey in the comb, known in ancient times.During angina, cell chewed for a long time in small portions, honey, and all the nutrients irrigated throat.Washed down with warm milk, milk in combination with honey wonderful treats not only angina, but any cough.Sot is generally recommended to chew for a long time together with rye bread, a lot of it is not recommended to swallow the wax.In healthy kidneys, you can eat two or three teaspoons of honey in the comb.Wonderful breakfast will for dieters if tablespoon honeycomb grind in a blender, along with low-fat yoghurt and pour cereal.You can grind together with hundreds of carrots, nuts, mixed with oatmeal or rice porridge.

# 4

genius philosopher and doctor Hippocrates treated not only honey, but also recommend it regularly to eat, he said, "Honey, taken with other foods, nutritious and gives a good skin tone."Admiration Hippocratic honey was the birth of the legend, which tells that on his grave settled unusual bees that produced the honey miracle.As already mentioned, honey comb, most useful, carefully chewing on rye bread.Not everyone knows how to eat honey, which is derived from the cells.Avicenna recommended eating honey with walnuts.This is not only useful but also very tasty.From ground nuts mixed with honey can be cooked a lot of great desserts.They are added to the cream cake in the ice cream, in fruit puree, jam in the filling for pies.You can just have a spoon, drinking coffee or tea.

# 5

If you pour honey Kalina, you get a wonderful tasty "jam".Tea with a snowball help cure coughs, colds, normalize blood pressure.Honey poured raspberry, black currant, mountain ash, strawberries, these berries are years, not musty or sour, become transparent and become amber color.In tsarist Russia was expensive sugar, jam cooked with honey and always in a copper basin.Boil the jam was considered a sacred act.Comb honey - a natural product, but evacuated is often of questionable quality.Perhaps the jam is not worth it.With healthy eating, honeycomb simply not replaceable product.Tea and coffee drink nicely with honey, you can add it to cereal and juice, without fear of overweight.Buy a honeycomb is not always possible, in sale it rarely happens.

# 6

It is best to buy a comb honey apiary or negotiate with the traders of honey in the markets.Especially that usually sell honey beekeepers themselves or members of their families.It is interesting to know that there is also poisonous honey honey useful except it is called "wild honey" or "honey drunk."From him a man immediately begins dizziness, vomiting, upset stomach, but deaths are not yet known.Such honey is found in the wild southern countries, which grow in abundance oleander, rhododendron and other poisonous plants.Wild bees safely eat this honey, feed them Detva, it does not harm them.Perhaps the poison in honey less weak than in plants, but it is there and it is dangerous.Perhaps that is why scientists failed attempt to feed the bees with antibiotics syrup for honey with the "natural and safe" for human medicine.

# 7

world-famous honey bees mined in the northern taiga special master - Bortnikov.From board (hollow with a nest of bees) take out pieces of honey and pergovyh cells, namely a combination of honey and pollen make a pressing particularly valuable honey.Extrusion honey made from old recipes Russian squashed honeys.Extracted from pressed honey board, it contains a real wild-hive wax.This honeycomb calms the nervous system, treats insomnia and enuresis.Take honey for four to seven weeks, twice a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach one hour before bedtime.Children are given one teaspoon, and adults take one tablespoon.After one to two weeks is already noticeable outcomes.Enuresis in children can be cured completely, adults always get relief at relapse repeat treatment.