How to eat melon ?

How to eat melon ?
You will need:
  • Melon
  • Knife
  • Dish
# 1

Culture Melon melon, gourd family of the genus cucumber is considered not a vegetable, and berry false.The weight of the berries, depending on the type and place where they have grown from two hundred twenty grams to kilograms.There are varieties of early, winter, so there is a melon virtually all year round.Melon loves the sun and heat, although in recent years some varieties ripen just to the north.The best types of melon August and early September.Melons winter varieties reach maturity in January, sometimes a little earlier.Calories from melon is very low, so it is administered in the diet dieters.Being on a diet, we must remember that one eat only melon can be not more than three days.There are some differences in how anyone eat melon.

# 2

How to eat melon, know almost everything.First, it should be sure to wash and then wipe by using kitchen paper towel.Cut the melon in half, remove the seeds carefully, then cut it into slices.Each slice of

cake to make an incision into smaller particles, so it is much more convenient.Melon is considered heavy for the stomach product, so have it on an empty stomach is not recommended.Especially, it concerns people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.There are melon, best of all, forty minutes after a meal.Harmful there immediately after eating a melon for dessert, because it does not fit well with other products.And, of course, do not overeat melon, two or three slices at a time, would be sufficient, especially for children.If the melon is near the peel green immature place, they should not be there.

# 3

Before you have a melon, it is necessary to choose the right, otherwise go into joy disappointment.The first thing to consider when buying a melon - is its flavor.A mature melon smells like honey and fruit at the same time, the smell of it is very sweet and very pronounced.Buying fragrant melon, there is no doubt in her maturity.The second thing you should pay attention when buying a melon - is its hardness, the melon should not be sluggish and have soft spots.If the melon has a rotten place, then the purchase is better to refuse at all.Just choose the melons by the sound of ripe melons in it will be hollow and have a green - ringing.Particular attention should be paid to the melon tail, it should only be dry.The reverse shows that the tail was still in a specially folded green melon.Sly farmers thus increase yield.

# 4

What if I bought a bad green savory melon.Even from such a seemingly deplorable situation, you can find a way out.For example, cook candied.This is done very easily and conveniently.Melon have to wash, cut, cleaned of seeds and peel off.Cut the melon into small cubes, about three by three centimeters.Sugar is diluted with water, put on fire.Cook, stirring is necessary, as long as the sugar is completely dissolved.When bubbles appear on the surface of the syrup, throw pieces of melon, cook until transparent.At this stage it is possible to add a candied orange or lemon juice, as well as flavorings.When the melon is ready, it is necessary to get each piece, roll it in sugar, lay on parchment paper.Dry candied fruit at room temperature away from time to time by turning them.

# 5

Not all housewives know that you can quickly and easily prepare delicious melon in champagne.Especially, this dessert is delicious in the summer in hot weather.Melon should be carefully washed, wiped with kitchen paper towel.Then cut the melons in half, brush out all the seeds.Now we need to do to flesh melons to cover the incisions in a grid.Set half the melon in a bowl so that the melon is not overturned.Then pour in each half melon champagne in the refrigerator for about seven or eight hours.During this time, melon absorbs champagne, and get a delicious and original dessert that is not ashamed to surprise guests.Before serving, melon pulp is separated from the skins using a standard knife or a tablespoon.Serve a melon with whipped cream, a true delicacy.

# 6

From not very sweet melon, you can prepare delicious ice cream, and what else is needed in the summer, especially in hot weather.First you have to clear the melon seeds, then cut it with a crust, cut into small pieces.Next you want to cook melon puree using a blender with the immersion nozzle.The savory melon add powdered sugar to taste.Oranges cut in half, squeeze the juice from each half.If there is no citrus press, you can do it with the help of the usual fork.Connect the orange juice and puree melon, a little whisk together blender.Arrange the ice cream for ice-cream bowls or in a container, cover with cling film.If this is not done, then the cream will absorb the smell out of the freezer, which is extremely undesirable.Put the cream of melon in the freezer for twelve hours.

# 7

course, well chosen aromatic sweet melon is good in itself.Eat a piece of delicious melons - this is a holiday.But not always successful bid is successful, but skillful and zealous housewife, just so nothing is lost.She will find a way of tasteless melons to cook delicious dishes, such as: fruit salad.For lettuce melons cut into small pieces, and if there is a special round spoon, very effectively cut out the flesh melon balls.In this salad apart from the melon, add a good kiwi, oranges, all berries and fruits.Do not put in a fruit salad, grapefruit only, otherwise it will give the rest of the bitterness of the fruit and dessert will be spoiled.Tuck a salad with whipped cream or whipped cream cheese and sour cream.The melon is delicious in any form, is one of the most favorite delicacies in the summer.