How to make ice cream with yogurt ?

How to make ice cream with yogurt ?
You will need:
  • Yogurt
  • Lemon juice
  • Fruits
  • Sugar
  • capacity for freezing
  • wand
  • refrigerating chamber
# 1

cream like everythingnot only children.It has long been known, but not always possible to be sure of the quality of purchased product.Therefore, the ice cream you can do yourself at home.Especially high-quality product is obtained by preparing the foundation of ice cream - yogurt, personally.And even better if the berries or fruits grown in their garden plot.Then, this ice cream is not only delicious, but also useful.As is known, in the berries and fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and mineral properties.Thus, the ice cream comes in two varieties, fruit and milk (when the substrate is made from cream, milk, yogurt or other dairy products).It is necessary to consider how to make ice cream from yogurt yourself at home.Here there are two options for cooking.

# 2

The first method is the easiest, for lazy people.Typically, in such a way to make ice cream for children.To do

this, buy a pack of children's yogurt (like Marshmallow Froot Loops) and prepare the wood sticks.Yogurt should be divided into cups, remove the foil from the top of each, and then inserted into each cup with yogurt wand.Thereafter, ice cream must be sent to the freezer for four - six hours.After that the product will be ready for use.This way you can cheat a child who does not like to eat yogurt fresh, offering him a favorite treat.This method of cooking is very helps, if you want to treat your friends a child.Then the best frozen yogurt in the evening.Likewise, any can be frozen yoghurt taste and desire.But there is another way of cooking.

# 3

second way ice cream yogurt.Of course, it should be said that the basic recipe, you can add or change on your own.The main thing to rely on your imagination and do not be afraid to spoil the food.Fruits and berries are combined with each other in most cases.You can decorate their ice cream or pulverize them in yogurt.Chocolate chips, syrup and spices will be an excellent addition to the usual taste.So, in order to prepare the ice cream will need: yogurt 2.5 per cent fat - 500 grams (you can buy drinking water, can be taken in plastic cups, then 2 pieces).Lemon - quartered sugar - three tablespoons lozhkiklubnika - 3 pieces (for decoration) banana - 2 shtukiYogurt need to pour a bowl, it is best to take glass containers.Banana mash with a fork or pass in a blender.

# 4

in a bowl with yogurt Add mashed banana and sugar (optional sugar can be dispensed with, especially if taken as a basis for a sweet yogurt rather than natural).Then you need to squeeze the juice from a lemon, and also add to the overall dish.Now, the contents must be mixed thoroughly whisk.Remove the bowl in the fridge for half an hour to slightly thickened composition.After that, you must once again mix thoroughly and cook cups frozen.These can be of plastic, paper, cups and native, which is sold yogurt.They need to prepare and stick to it was convenient to eat ice cream.There are suitable not only wood, but also plastic, you can even take a disposable spoon.Now you need to pour the contents of a glass bowl and insert each one a stick.

# 5

Prepare ice cream will be from four to six hours.You can sometimes mix it.Then it will be more airy.This can be done every hour.After being removed from the cooking cream freezer.And then from the cups.That it turned out well, you must dip a cup into the boiling water.Next, yoghurt ice cream to put on a plate and garnish with strawberries.To do this, cut into thin slices berries.You can pour on a plate and juice, remaining on the cutting board when cutting strawberry, so the ice cream will look beautiful.It is believed that slightly melted ice cream is much tastier.Then, before serving it is put on a shelf in a refrigerator and left for fifteen minutes.Yogurt ice cream you can cook yourself or buy in any store, a matter of taste.

# 6

are no more questions, how to make ice cream?That's right, because the preparation of this product is so simple that it is possible to delight loved ones a treat every day.Furthermore, it is possible to consider any other form of ice cream and its supply.Thus, it can be round, square or oval.Serve with a variety of fruit, garnish their dish or pouring cream syrup or sprinkle with cinnamon.In all cases, get an ice cream original and diversify the usual menu.Still, as a variant of ice cream can be prepared in the form (cups) to put the pieces of fruit or berries.For example, in one cup chopped peach, apple to another, and the third black currants.After that, pour the cooked ostuzhennym yogurt and give the product to freeze.

# 7

Then, after cooking, you can get an amazing ice cream and yogurt with pieces of fruit vitamin.I must say that the imagination has no limits in this matter.After ice cream is almost impossible to mess up.Therefore, you should experiment and find for themselves the most favorite treat.Prepare it will not take much time and will not take force.Of course, if the ice cream is prepared for young children, preference should be given to natural yoghurt, cooked yourself.Only then can we be sure of the quality of the product, which eventually turn out.Fruits and berries are added, based on the age category of the baby that would not get allergies or other complications.As for the rest, there are no contraindications, this delicacy has not.