How to cook walnuts in honey ?

How to cook walnuts in honey ?
You will need:
  • Walnuts
  • Honey
  • Glass jar
# 1

ancient philosopher Herodotus of walnuts to say that they have an amazing and special life force.And not for nothing that in ancient times were considered nuts pudding for heroes, they gave them the vitality and tremendous strength.In fact, a walnut - is representative of the plant world, which has a number of useful substances that can heal the body from various diseases.Chopped walnuts with honey can have beneficial effects on human brain activity and help to increase the body's resistance to stressful situations.It is about how to cook the walnuts with honey and will be discussed in this article.The nuclei of these nuts are rich in vitamin pantry, chemical minerals, fats and proteins.Honey, in turn, can have on the human body antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.Furthermore honey is used as a curative agent which is used to treat diseases of the circulatory system, the digestive tract and liver.

# 2

These two unique products in comb

ination can work wonders.So before you store the nuts in the bins for a long time, they did not apply, it is necessary to think about the benefits they can bring.Therefore, it is imperative to use them, and prepare simple, but such a useful walnut-honey mixture.For its preparation can be used not only nuts, but other species of this remarkable plant.Different varieties of nuts can be laid in layers in small glass jars and fill each of them with honey.Before cooking the nuts can be a little fry in a pan to make them taste more intense and fragrant.Of course, one is not even the most experienced chef knows how to clean a walnut before you cook it with honey.After cleaning and roasting procedures performed, a small handful of nuts should be put in a jar and then fill it with honey.Then seal the layer of honey and nuts again so that alternating layers should fill the jar to the top.

# 3

honey in this recipe should be only liquid to be distributed uniformly throughout the nuts thicker.Also, each layer must be properly sealed, in order to allow more nuts instead of a bank.The mixture of sweet honey and hearty nuts should be stored in a cool place, but do not freeze.In conclusion, I would like to note that anyone can learn how to cook nuts with honey, after reading the above recipe.As well as using it to easily prepare this treat yourself at home.After this mixture is very useful not only for older people but also young and even little children.A few tablespoons of walnuts with honey in the morning able to energize the whole day.And the same tool on the threshold of sleep can provide a strong and healthy sleep.The most important thing is not to overdo it as excessive use of walnuts can cause harm to the human body.