How to make delicious damn garlic for the winter ?

How to make delicious damn garlic for the winter ?
You will need:
  • horseradish
  • garlic
# 1

In late summer and early autumn comes time to harvest with suburban areas.Some vegetables can be spun in a salad, and some - to preserve and pickle.In this kind of vegetables harvested in the winter will adorn the dining table, and delight all year round.Only the process of preparation of such spins takes considerable time and takes away a lot of strength from housewives.In addition, the harvest of vegetables in the country could exceed the norm, and many are thinking about finding the best way of "recycling" them excessive amounts.During the processing of fresh tomatoes, many stop at the "damn" or "gorlodёre".Housewives with experience know how to make damn for the winter with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.

# 2

Ingredients shitty meals are standard (tomatoes, horseradish, garlic), but their proportional relationship in many recipes vary.In vain worthless snack called "gorlodёrom" or "vyrviglaz"!Excess horseradish or garlic may lead t

o the fact that tomato flavor lost amid burning sensation in the mouth.This dish will be banned for people with problematic stomach.The proposed recipe for how to make a delicious damn allows you to expand the circle of fans of "gorlodera» by softening the taste.Calculation of products - 1 kg (with an increase in weight of tomatoes is important to maintain the aspect ratio).In the first phase, take 1 kg of fresh tomatoes, washed well and wipe clean cloth towel.The roots of horseradish in the amount of 5-6 peeled.

# 3

better to use young roots of this seasoning, since even in the form of frayed horseradish maintains its healthy qualities.Take a head of garlic separated into cloves, for a "soft" enough to clear hrenoviny 2-3 cloves.In the second stage the ingredients are subjected to shredding.To do this, cut the tomatoes into 4 pieces and scroll through a meat grinder.To avoid contamination of the surface of food using a plastic bag that covers the neck grinder while scrolling.Currently, many housewives have long used an electric grinder or food processor.Such home appliances greatly facilitate the process of preparation.Purified horseradish rubbed on a fine grater or, like tomatoes in a meat grinder.

# 4

second option is a little easier, since by its very nature horseradish root is very dense and fibrous.Periodic cleaning will help better the meat grinder to grind horseradish.The structure includes a significant amount of horseradish mustard essential oils and volatile production, so the processing of their excessive concentration of air can cause tearing and unpleasant sensations in the nasopharynx.To avoid such a "gas attack", recommend the use of disposable surgical mask.Peeled garlic cloves pass through spadefoot (or ground in a food processor).At the third stage, all chopped ingredients placed in enameled pots (pot, bowl) and mix until smooth.

# 5

aluminum cookware is not used due to the probability of oxidation.Add sugar to taste and salt (1-2 teaspoons).Damn ready.Gourmets can add a couple of worthless snack peppers bell pepper, sour apples to impart a pleasant flavor and taste.To store this "winter" dishes usually use glass bottles (0.5 or 1 liter jars).Before spin banks thoroughly washed and then subjected to heat treatment (sterilized).The sterilization process can be carried out in two ways.Wet method - when the banks are mounted on a special cover over a saucepan of boiling water.Dry method - when banks set room temperature in the pan and placed in a cold oven.

# 6

Then the temperature is set at 180 - 200 ° and sterilized for 10-15 minutes.Instead of iron covers more convenient to use plastic.Important condition for storage - cold.Everyone knows the recipe for how to make a damn for the winter with fresh tomatoes.It turns out crap appetizer least tasty, if we replace fresh tomatoes on a twisted (pickled).Reviewing winter harvesting, it is possible to detect not Eaten time marinades.To work of the past years is not lost, pickled tomatoes can be processed.

# 7

Tomatoes from 3-liter cans removed and carefully peeled.The pulp is passed through a meat grinder.prescription Garlic does not put.Add 3 tablespoons of the crushed roots of horseradish (can be put more if you want to make damn sharper taste).Carefully stir in an enamel or glass container.Spicy snack taste gives it a pickle, which were tightened tomatoes.Peppers and salt damn this is not necessary.Horseradish snack you can enjoy on a sandwich spread, add to soups or gravy.Admission hrenoviny before a meal will increase your appetite.It will help strengthen the bowels and get rid of the first signs of autumn cold.