How to freeze strawberries ?

How to freeze strawberries ?
You will need:
  • Strawberry
  • Powdered sugar
  • Freezer
  • capacity for freezing
# 1

Since the strawberry is considered very delicate and capricious berries, freeze it must be sothat it has retained the shape, color and taste.Make it quite realistic, observing some of the recommendations and advice.Strawberries can not simply wash, dry and freeze in containers so it will not be able to retain its flavor and melted, turn klyakloy.This berry is not suitable for cooking, because it will give too much juice and ruin the taste of the main course.In order to prepare for the winter useful, and tasty berries, you need to know some rules of strawberries freeze.

# 2

Method one: so, you first need to choose the berries, they should be ripe, freshly collected and smaller, the same size.Large size strawberry frozen and later thawed and bad, do not take it.Then, the strawberries must be prepared for freezing.To do this, the berries should be sort out, weed out the bad and rinsed in a plastic sieve.Iron

is not used, it can oxidize berries.The stalk must be left, so the berries will be more whole and not give the juice.Then you need to dry the strawberries in one hour, placing it so that together the berries do not touch.

# 3

Freeze strawberry is most convenient in food containers, but if you put there immediately after the berries dry, they lose their shape during defrosting, and are spread out.Therefore, after the strawberries dry, we should take a wooden cutting board and wrap it with cling film.Then, on the board gently shift the berries so that they do not touch each other.After that, place the board with strawberries in the freezer for two or three hours (depending on the capacity of the freezer).At the end of time, when all the berries were frozen, it will be possible to pass them in a container, prisypaya sugar or powdered sugar for better storage.

# 4

can spread strawberries in two layers.All the dishes, which will store the fruit should be thoroughly washed and dried.Thus strawberries may lie within a year in the freezer.Method two: in this recipe are advised not to wash the strawberries and remove the stalk.Select for freezing berries clean medium size.If the love of health does not allow not wash the strawberries, drizzle is its white wine.This is how Italian cooks do.After that, dry thoroughly, placing berries so.So that they do not touch each other.

# 5

Then, you must put the berries with the stem in a clean container or package or any other containers, the main condition of this method is that the berries were not wet or in any case wet.Otherwise, when defrosting they become mush and lose their flavor.Such methods allow frozen strawberries to get the most tasty and strong berries.So it will be able to cook out of it delicious compote, pies, cake and other culinary masterpieces.Thereby to please their households a piece of summer in the cold winter season.Once frozen strawberries, as a rule, there is a lot of wet and spoiled berries, do not throw them away and put them on the cross.

# 6

can cook excellent berry puree, which is well suited as a filling for cream cheese, yogurt and jam instead, such as pancakes.To prepare the berry sorbet strawberries, wash the berries and remove the stalk.Then grind them until smooth using a blender or conventional wooden tolkushkoy that there in every home.Sorbet is ready for freezing.It remains to pour it into a suitable container (food container) and put in the freezer.Sugar sorbet added in the cooking process, so it can be stored until the next year.

# 7

Freeze strawberry process is simple, the main thing to do everything quickly, until the berries have not begun to flow and follow the can prepare a wide variety of dishes and drinks from frozen strawberries.Milk and alcoholic drinks, smoothies, pies, cakes, curd pudding and more.It is also possible to please a strawberry and small family, and prepare their ice cream from curds with strawberries.This will require children curds, frozen strawberries and sticks, for which it will be possible to keep the ice cream (you can use regular wood).

# 8

Take three curds gently open them and shift the contents of the packages in a separate bowl.Packages are not thrown away, they are still useful.Frozen strawberries interfere in a blender until puree state, then pour into a bowl of curds.Thoroughly beat with a mixer all the curd mass.Now we must take the package and fill them with the resulting mass.Remove a few hours in the freezer, after sticking in each package for a stick.Tasty and healthy ice cream is ready.