How to fry the seeds in a frying pan with Teflon-coated ?

How to fry the seeds in a frying pan with Teflon-coated ?
You will need:
  • Seeds
  • pan
  • Microwave Cooking utensils
# 1

Seeds many people love, and the shops they disperse quickly.Only now purchased - the salt is not enough, they are overcooked, something raw and tasteless ... Guess not easy, and even if we could find a perfectly cooked, no guarantee that the next time the same luck.Therefore, many people prefer to store fresh seeds and roast them yourself, according to your taste.And the thing is, like, simple enough: all that is required - seeds and pans, plus some free time.But it is worth it to venture for the first time as there is a lot of questions ... Well, that most of the answers are well known!

# 2

For example, how to roast the seeds in a frying pan?Those who have tried a variety of options, generally agree on one thing: the cast-iron pan is preferable.Can and Teflon, of course, but worse - and for sunflower seeds, and pans.Because hard shells, when the seeds are mixed, they act as an abrasive, and Teflon require gentle handling a

nd careful.How to fry the time?The common opinion is not: depends on the number of seeds, and the thickness of the pan.But there is a reliable sign: crackling.Hearing it, the seeds is a few minutes off the heat, still stirring, and then continue grilling.

# 3

And if there is a cast-iron frying pan - fry like seeds in the microwave, and whether it is possible to do this?Can!And it turns out no worse (some even believe that it is better) than the traditional method.Preparation is the same: the seeds are well washed to remove dirt and debris.It remains only to pour them into a suitable container and place in the microwave.As a rule, lacking three minutes at full power - and you're done!Even stirring is not necessary.No microwave?You can cook in the oven, but still need a frying pan: put it on a baking sheet and roast the seeds, periodically removing from the oven and stirring.

# 4

This is what one usually does not ask, it's about how to flip seeds.Although there have their own tricks and wisdom: such virtuosos manage to do it without using their hands, solely due to language skill.But the taste is, in general, is not affected.And what effect?Additives which are used in frying.The most popular of them - salt.To salt the seeds need to taste directly during roasting.And, you can add vegetable oil, but it is also a matter of personal preference: successfully obtained and butter, and a dry frying pan.The microwave butter is not normally used.

# 5

In general, the responses to the question of how to fry the seeds, there are many - is to choose according to their own tastes and possibilities.And here are a few little tricks.Ready seeds desirable "dozarivat": fried in a microwave benefit from it immediately, but after 10 minutes, when cool;from the pan out of the oven, or spread them on a wooden cutting board for a clean cotton towel at the same time.If fried in a pan, it is required to pre-warm up - so the water from washing the seeds quickly evaporate.But be sure to rinse them with cold water.Bon Appetit!