How to smoke in the smokehouse catfish ?

How to smoke in the smokehouse catfish ?
You will need:
  • BBQ and smokehouse
  • Alder chips or sawdust
  • Catfish fillet or whole fish
  • salt, spices
# 1

time when you can go topicnics and fishing, cook the catch immediately in the fresh air, limited to just a few summer months, so I want to enjoy them to the fullest.Fish thoroughly cleaned, gutted, and a couple of hours it should pickle.Before smoked salt is washed off and the fish is placed on the grate over the chips, soaked with water.Closed smokehouse brazier set on, which should be melted hot coals.

# 2

But there is a simple way how to smoke catfish at home.Of course, the result will not quite the same as if you had used a real smoker, but the principle of the preparation is maintained.Instead, the barbecue will then ordinary stove, and the role of Smokehouse perform the cauldron, the bottom of which you need to put the foil, pour on top of the chips and set on top of the cauldron grill fish.The entire structure will need to tightly close the lid.By the way, in conditions

of the apartment is the perfect way how to cook catfish fillets, fillet after cooking, the term is much smaller than the whole fish.

# 3

taste of catfish in any form, boiled, baked, smoked and fried, but those who know how to cook catfish in sour cream, argue that this is the best possible recipes, a real masterpiece of culinary art.The fish is cut into portions, each of which you need to add salt and pepper, add the spices fish.Slices of catfish fried in vegetable oil, spread on baking sheet, pour the sour cream and bake in preheated oven well.On top of the dish sprinkled with fried onions.When the top is formed appetizing golden brown, it is possible to extract and bring to the table.

# 4

With most fish, everything is clear, but how to make head catfish?The answer is simple - to make the ear.Head of catfish should be cut into several pieces, rinse thoroughly, fill with cold water and boil for half an hour, adding all the other ingredients for the soup - onions, carrots, potatoes, chopped greens and other foods to taste.

# 5

And, of course, talking about catfish dishes, not to mention a way to bake in foil catfish - one of the most simple and amazingly tasty recipes.Cooking can be as at home in the oven, and in the fresh air on a fire.