How to grind pepper, to preserve the useful properties and substances ?

How to grind pepper, to preserve the useful properties and substances ?
You will need:
  • black pepper
  • seedlings of sweet pepper
  • fertile soil
  • warm water
  • greenhouse
# 1

Black pepper - a storehouse of useful elements and materials.It helps with colds, heart disease, anemia, cough, and also helps to improve the work of the intestinal tract and maintain healthy teeth.It has powerful antioxidant properties, and essential oils contained in it gives a sharp specific smell.The basis is that the consumption are the fruits of black pepper, and in them all "wealth. So do not worry about the disappearance of useful properties before ground pepper. In addition to black pepper in cooking our country is widely known for sweet peppers, which is an invaluable sourcevitamins. Birthplace of pepper Mexico and Guatemala. The sweet pepper is very sun and thermophilic. In the shade immediately stops growth and particularly fussy to the soil. this variety of pepper requires special care and to grow it does not need a little knowledge about how to care for sweet pepper.

# 2

Firstly the soil must be fertile and well drained. in our climatic conditions it is better to be grown in greenhouses, t. to. in them, you can create a damp and warm conditions for the growth of sweet pepper. for irrigation use warm defendwater and ensure that the soil is constantly moist. Before you sit peppers have to wait for the evening.Peppers are planted in a hole in the ground and make sure that the root collar level has not changed, and the peppers may slow down in growth.Peppers are planted at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other.Their stems and leaves are very fragile, so I put near each bush peg 60 cm long for garters peppers in the future.A dish made from peppers grown with their own hands is doubly valuable.Therefore, this recipe on how to make stuffed peppers will find for each family.

# 3

Prepare peppers - cut off the top and clean from the core.Then, cut the carrots, onions and fry them in sunflower oil.Figure pre-boil and mix with minced meat.Since pepper prepared meat and place in a saucepan with the carrots and onions.Add a tablespoon of sour cream and tomato paste.Pour into the pan a little water and put on fire 40 minutes before serving ready stuffed peppers need to know how to properly irrigate and how pepper sauce?Drizzle the peppers can be ready to own sauce in which they were extinguished.Or make sour cream, tomato sauce with herbs and before serving, sprinkle them peppers.Here is a fragrant, tasty and satisfying meal can be made from sweet pepper.